Thursday, October 21, 2010

Volunteers Needed in Los Angeles

Dear Fellow Residents of Los Angeles,

I don't know about you, but I have had enough of the Change? I can't afford it. Can you?

Since the Democrats took power:

- I now owe $122,121 to pay off the National Debt (which is $14,814 MORE than I owed last year) (Fact Check: US Debt Clock)

- 4 million Americans fell out of the middle class into poverty in 2009. (Fact Check: NPR)

- On January 1, 2011, Obama and his Democrats are going to hit me with the largest tax increase in the history of our country. By allowing the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts to expire on New Years Eve, Obama and the Democrats are going to impose a $3.8 trillion tax increase on me over the next decade. (Fact Check: Ways & Means)

- The possibly illegal Obamacare scheme will raise my insurance premiums, and I specifically remember being promised the exact opposite. (Fact Check: The Heritage Foundation)

I don't know about you, but I thought Change meant something else.

Fellow Citizens, we have a choice. The time for choosing is near. Now is the time for us to do something about the power hungry, out of control Democrats lead by Obama in Washington.

California District 30 has had career politician Henry Waxman for far too long. Henry is an entitled, out of touch, incumbent living the high-life in Washington funded by the hardworking Los Angeles taxpayer.

Henry Waxman has been molesting our hard earned tax dollars since 1975. That's 35 years of ridiculous misguided projects that amount to nothing more than Mr. Waxman's three favorite things: Tax, Spend, Redistribute.

That's not Change. That's Socialism. It may be the Henry Waxman way, but it's not the American way.

Los Angeles, we have a choice. When we have employees who cost us more than they produce what do we do with them? We fire them. Now is the time to fire Henry Waxman.

We can do this by hiring Chuck Wilkerson. Chuck is running for all the right reasons. Chuck wants to go to Washington because Washington is broken. He knows like we do that the system is corrupt. The system is stealing our liberty by stealing our tax dollars so they can redistribute it as they see fit.

Chuck will vote to repeal the possibly illegal Obamacare scheme. Henry Waxman has made a career out of wealth redistribution and will probably vote to expand the Obamacare scheme.

Chuck will vote to extend tax cuts to all Americans. Henry Waxman left congress without voting on the New Years Eve tax hikes. Because of skipping town American business owners (small, medium and large) have absolutely no idea what the tax rate will be on January 1, 2011. Would you hire anyone now, or expand your business now? Hmmmm.

Los Angeles, Chuck needs our help. Henry Waxman is so incredibly arrogant and entitled that he is not even campaigning. He believes he will be automatically sent back to congress because he feels safe with the large warchest he has accumulated on our behalf.

Chuck needs some volunteers. He needs our help. We need him to win. If we send Chuck to congress he will have our back. So come on Los Angeles, let's have Chuck's back during these last two weeks.

Chuck needs volunteers for sign waving, precinct walking, envelope stuffing, and all the boots on the ground activities that it takes to fire entrenched incumbents like Henry Waxman.

Please contact Sandy Krueger; Phone 310-980-3564 or send her an Email:

Everything matters these last two weeks. Everything. If you can only donate one hour of time, please give Chuck...please give America that one hour. Just let Sandy know where you live, what days and hours you are available and of course all your contact information.

Please spread the word to your friends, neighbors, co-workers and everyone who knows that we must send to Washington those who will serve us, not rule us.

Chuck doesn't have the luxury of a taxpayer funded staff. Please visit Chuck's site and make any donation you can. Chuck needs our help, our time, and a few of our dollars (so Obama won’t take all our dollars and leave us with…well…Change).

So Los Angeles, let's buckle down during these last two weeks and do everything within our means to send this candidate to D.C. to bring real change. The restoration of America can begin. It begins with us. It begins now. Let’s get to work Patriots. Boots on the ground.

Private Citizen Hollywood, CA

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