Saturday, October 9, 2010

Declaration Entertainment - Hollywood's Nemesis!

Do you become angry when Hollywood produces a movie that disparages everything you value as a conservative?  Are you fed up with Hollywood's corrupting influence on your children?  Are you ready to turn your back on Hollywood by supporting a new entertainment industry which makes movies that challenge Hollywood's meme?  If you said, "Yes!", then take a look at Declaration Entertainment's website and mission statement by clicking the title below.  I've just signed up as a Citizen Producer.  Now you can do the same.  If you sign up for Full Membership, you will get a free DVD copy of every movie they produce.  Membership is cheaper than taking your family to the theater.

Here's the plot for a movie Declaration Entertainment has already started to develop:
Development begins on "Aurora," by: Bill Whittle.

The Time: the Near Future. Life in America grows ever more regimented, regulated and controlled. But far out in the Mojave Desert, a small band of renegade entrepreneurs and engineers are building a vehicle capable of opening the entire Solar System to colonization and free enterprise, beyond the reach of bureaucracy.

After a catastrophic failure of their nuclear engine and the loss of their primary crew, this small but dedicated team races to re-design and re-crew Aurora, reaching back into NASA’s best days to move forward into the future – a future that depends on protecting and preserving the quintessential American frontier values: courage, optimism, ingenuity and daring.

Backed by oil money, running on nuclear power, Aurora and her crew set a course for the worst place there is: mighty Jupiter - a miniature solar system and a cyclotron of radiation; a place of unparalleled danger and grandeur.  En route they will face death and disaster, and nothing but raw courage and sacrifice will bring them back alive.

Declaration Entertainment - How It Works

Welcome to the Revolution!
Declaration Entertainment is a grass-roots film-financing movement that turns you, the audience, into Citizen Producers to reclaim American values and put them back on the screen.  Declaration Entertainment is dedicated to making the kinds of movies Hollywood used to make - Movies about Freedom and Sacrifice, Hard-Work and Self-Reliance, Faith and Family.
Here’s how it works:
Become a Member
Enroll as a Citizen Producer to gain access to behind the scenes looks at your movies as they are being made. Participate in live video chat with actors, writers, and directors. View behind-the-scenes videos of casting sessions, location shoots, special effects creation, editing and scoring. Win chances to appear in the movies and attend opening night red carpet premieres.
Grow the Fund
Your monthly membership fees are added to those of thousands of other Citizen Producers. When the production fund grows large enough, a movie is green-lit and goes into immediate production.
Keep up the Momentum
Every month the fund continues to grow, financing more pro-American movies in many different genres, and much of the revenue generated by those films goes back into the fund, creating even more movies.
Watch your Movie
Each Citizen Producer receives a DVD or digital download of every film Declaration Entertainment releases. And if you want to show off a little, you can take your friends and family to the local Cineplex and buy tickets to see your movie on the big screen!

Save the Country
People learn through stories. Re-create what Hollywood used to be: a story factory that champions the classical American values – Freedom and Sacrifice, Hard Work and Self-Reliance, Faith and Family – and exposes new generations of Americans to the values that made this country so great in the first place.  

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