Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Farmers Beware: EPA Now Wants To Regulate Dust!

Going Rogue, Part IV:  Guess what the EPA is going to regulate now?
By James H. "Smokey" Shott
Bluefield Daily Telegraph
October 5, 2010

Maybe you’ve seen that e-mail that tells you about a harmful chemical and asks you to sign a petition to ban it. The e-mail tells you that the chemical — dihydrogen monoxide — is the main ingredient in acid rain and is capable of causing suffocation if too much of it is ingested. Some of the e-mail readers are horrified, sign the petition and forward it to their e-mail list to warn others of this threat.

The e-mail is a joke, but the non-chemists among us may not realize that. You see, dihydrogen monoxide is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, or H2O: water!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing stricter standards on another pollutant, particulate matter, which can foul air and water, cause breathing problems and impair visibility. What horrible substance is the EPA trying to protect us from now? Dust.
In an attempt to forestall this ill-conceived initiative a group of senators has written to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, suggesting she replace the EPA’s seemingly manic desire to regulate everything we do with a little common sense, and to recognize the harm the agency will do if it pursues these regulations.
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