Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nana Grizzly: Happy 90th Birthday in San Diego

Everyone has already heard about Mama Grizzlies, and Papa Grizzlies. But did you know that there are Nana Grizzlies too?

Yup, there most certainly are, and my Nana Grizzly just celebrated her 90th Birthday! Last weekend I traveled down to San Diego from Los Angeles to take part in the Grizzly festivities.

Some of my happiest memories are of being a little boy sitting in Nana and Papa's living room watching Ronald Reagan on the television. Ronald Reagan really reminds me of Papa. Papa isn't with us anymore (but he watches us from heaven with the angels). I know that Papa's really proud of Nana and Me in our support of the new Ronald Reagan (in a dress): SARAH PALIN!

It's always fun at Nana's house. Nana says it's okay to have cupcakes for breakfast when it's your birthday.

I showed Nana Grizzly some of the boots on the ground information we pass out for www.Organize4Palin (O4P). Nana really liked reading about: Governor Sarah Palin's Accomplishments.

Nana is always interested to read about Sarah Palin and her work to put America back on the right track.

I gave Nana some O4P cards to give to her friends so they can get their Grrrrr on too!

Nana really liked the Sarah Palin Rhine Stone Brooch I got her. Nana Grizzlies love sparkly things!

Since "Sarah Palin: America by Heart; Reflections of Faith, Family and Flag" comes out next month on November 23, 2010 Nana wanted to re-read "Sarah Palin: Going Rogue; An American Life".

Nana was really inspired by female leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton. But ever since Sarah Palin hit the scene Nana really got inspired to take an active roll in American politics.

Like thousands of concerned American Seniors, Nana is very concerned by the up-coming rationing of healthcare in the Obamacare Scheme. A panel of faceless, unelected bureaucrats will decide who receives healthcare based on their opinion of someones “level of productivity in society." Thats not the America that Nana knows and loves. During the summer of 2009 Nana was one of the thousands of regular everyday Americans who for the first time in their life picked up the telephone to call their Senator and Congresswoman/Congressman to voice their concerns. We all know how that worked out. Barbara (you better call me Senator!) Boxer chose to vote against Nana. Well guess what Babs? On November 2, 2010 THIS NANA GRIZZLY IS GOING TO VOTE AGAINST YOU!

The inspiration of Sarah Palin empowers regular people to fight back against an out of touch, out of control government.

But let's get back to the Nana Grizzly 90th Birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday Nana Grizzly...Happy Birthday to you!

We really had a great time celebrating Nana's 90th Birthday.

At 90 years old Nana has seen a lot of Presidents. Some better than others. By living through these different Presidents and their various policies, beliefs, and values (or lack thereof). Nana has learned a few things about what makes a great American President.

Nana has learned that a great President should not ashamed of, nor trivialize American Exceptionalism. A great President doesn't need an expensive resume full of meaningless laureates, fancy ivy league degrees, and a title after their name.

Nana has learned that a great President armed with the sword of common sense will cut through and defend the values of regular, everyday, hardworking Americans.

Nana is looking North to the future. There is only one candidate that Nana knows will make America great again.

On January 20, 2013 Nana expects to see Madame President Sarah Palin.

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