Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chuck Wilkerson For CA 30

I decided to make the most of this final stretch before FREEDOM DAY...I got a bunch of Chuck Wilkerson 4 Congress signs and decided to put them up around Los Angeles.

It's not hard to support Chuck Wilkerson. He's just a regular guy who wants to go to Washington for the right reasons: To serve.

Chuck's the owner and CEO of a successful small CA business (Aerospace engineering consulting company).

Here in Los Angeles he has been an outspoken advocate of common sense govenrment policies.

As Reagan used to say, "There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers".

Chuck's Plan For CA 30 is simple.

-End wasteful government spending to create more jobs.

-Utilize our own natural resources for national prosperity, job creation, and energy independence.

-Employ a foreign/defense policy which encourages cooperation among freedom loving nations and protects our citizens.

-End the job killing policies of "too big to fail" bailouts and federal takeovers of companies.

-Keep our neighborhoods safe from criminal gangs, drugs & random acts of violence.

-Establish "leak-proof" border security and solve the immigration problem via the "Chuck BID Plan".

-Reform our schools by parental involvement, local control, teacher accountability and commitment to preparing our youth for the real world.

Los Angeles we have a solution to the job killing economic hard times given to us by 34 year incumbent Henry Waxman (the Taxman)...

The solution is Chuck Wilkerson!

To volunteer for Chuck call Sandy: 310-980-3564 Email:

Thomas S Schmitz

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