Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Making of a Beverly Hills Mama Grizzly

Last Sunday September 26, 2010 I attended the Beverly Hills Tea Party as a representative of Palin Promotions and (O4P). When word got around that Palin Promotions and O4P were in attendance the Tea Party staff sent organizer Josephine Rescigno to welcome me. The first words out of Josephine's mouth were, "Nice to meet you Thomas, I want to be a Mama Grizzly", "Can you tell Sarah Palin I want to be a Mama Grizzly"?, "Will you make me a Mama Grizzly"?

Josephine and I hit it off immediately. There is a certain instant kinship that Hollywood conservatives have that can only be understood by those of us here in Los Angeles. As independent thinkers we reject the nonsensical views of the progressive Utopian fantasy blindly regurgitated by the Hollywood Left. When we meet a fellow Pro America, common sense, constitutional conservative we always feel like life long buddies right away. (FYI: I continually meet more and more of these independent like minded people everyday here in La-La-Land).

I was really impressed with not just the turn out of the Beverly Hills Tea Party, but with the diversity of the speakers and the crowd. I wanted to know more about Josephine and how the Beverly Hills Tea Party came about. Josephine and I exchanged contact information. After some back and forth Facebook messages with Josephine I was off to Beverly Hills again to learn more about this amazing woman who is shaking things up in Los Angeles.

Many ladies in Beverly Hills have an enormous pretentious staff of butlers, maids, cooks, and of course the Hollywood left's favorite: life coaches. But Joesephine greeted me at the door herself and welcomed me into her home.

We got down to business right away.

I wanted to know how her successful Tea Party became a reality in Beverly Hills. Josephine told me about her patriotic, military family background. Like most Americans Josephine is very concerned about what is being done to our country. Even Moms in Beverly Hills are disgusted about the out of control spending and the immoral debt they are expected to pass on to their children. Watching the Tea Party's pop up all over the country were encouraging Josephine told me, but as a Mother she felt like she must do more.

Determined to do everything she could to protect the future prosperity of our country's children, Josephine found herself marching down the street towards the house of Mr. Pat Boone. Josephine knocked on his door. Mr. Boone wasn't home but Josephine left a message with a member of his staff. "Tell Pat it's Josephine from down the street", "Tell him we need to have a Tea Party".

After several trips and several messages Josephine was begining to wonder if she was going to have to tackle this Tea Party thing alone. Of course she was more than willing to do this alone but she knew the name recognition that Pat Boone would bring is golden by Hollywood standards. Then one day while shopping at Bristol Farms, Josephine got a call from Pat Boone. Pat was excited about Josephine's idea and the two of them went to work to make the Tea Party a reality.

Soon Josephine and Pat were joined by other local common sense conservatives. Debi Devens of Tea Party Patriots, and Pamela Hoffman of the Orange County 912 Project joined forces with Josephine and Pat. Next came a Beverly Hills Tea Party website designed by Robert Diggs.

The website that Robert designed has an online store where you can buy Beverly Hills Tea Party hats and T-Shirts.

Proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Alas, everything did not go off with out a hitch. The Beverly Hills Tea Party was not immune to the lamestream media political game of "crowd size". Numbers from 200, 600, to 1,200 were thrown around. Josephine and I were both actual attendees and we agree with the BHPD who estimated the crowd as over 1,000. Neither one of us were really that surprised to learn that the local lamestream media just doesn't get it.

Fresh off the success of her first Tea Party event Josephine asked me what else she could do to help get her country back on the right track. So of course I reached for my trusty Palin Promotions/O4P messenger bag full of goodies and sat back down and got to work.

First I showed Josephine the color two page list of Governor Sarah Palin's accomplishments, and 101 Reasons to Support Sarah Palin by Nicole Coulter.

Josephine was so impressed with these lists that she decided to include both of them, along with a (O4)) business card in every online order for Beverly Hills Tea Party hats and T-Shirts.

Another give away item I always keep in my bag is an extra copy of Going Rogue by Sarah Palin. (HINT: You can get used copies online for as little as $2-$3 a book)

Sarah Palin sure wasn't kidding when she said, "This year will be remembered as the year common sense conservative women get things done for our country".

It's ironic that Josephine told me she wanted to become a Mama Grizzly. Josephine does not need to become a Mama Grizzly. Just like so many common sense consevsevative women in America, Josephine has been a Mama Grizzly all along.

Now that this Mama Grizzly has the tools to get her Grrrrrr on, the possibilities are endless. There is no turning back. Like the rest of the Mama Grizzlies she will not stop until all is well for her cubs and their future. With a few goodies from my messenger bag this Mama Grizzly is released back out into the wild to protect her cubs from the fundamental transformation.

All over America women just like Josephine are standing up and speaking out. They know that what is being done to America is not right for their kids. These women are doing something about.

These women are ready, willing, and able to put everything on the line for our country's future.

All the Grizzlies, be they Mama or Papa are just getting started. Regular people like Josephine, myself, and you the reader will no longer tolerate leaders with a lack of understanding of who and what America is. Leaders who lament the fact that we have a strong military. Leaders who are legally accurate but intentionally misleading. Leaders who join hands with the corrupt country of Mexico to join forces against our sovereign nation. No. We've had enough. We're coming after you. Your fired.


Stay tuned for more boots on the ground in Los Angeles....

Thomas S Schmitz

Palin Promotions


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