Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting My Grrrrr on in Anaheim, CA

Saturday I Live Tweeted from the Sarah Palin Rally in Anaheim, CA. It's always a good day to get your Grrrr on, but I really wanted to make sure that all the voters at the Victory 2010 Rally knew how easy (O4P) makes it to get America back on the right track.

Step One. Get out the Palin Promotions & O4P Messenger Bag.

Step Two. Decide what type of goodies I am going to use to get my Grrrrr on today. Hmmmm. Normally I would bring lots of copies of: 101 Reasons to Support Sarah Palin by Nicole Coulter and lots of copies of: Governor Sarah Palin Accomplishments. These documents are super great for people who are not familiar with Sarah Palin or have only heard the LSM crap. But this was a Sarah Palin Victory 2010 Rally. So I figured less is more and decided to leave these documents at home and focus only on how easy O4P makes it to help the Mama and Papa Grizzlies (They REALLY need our help these last two weeks!)

Now wait a minute. Are we on Step One or Step Two? I think we're on Two.

Ok. Let's make sure to pack plenty of O4P cards to pass out. (I make my own but you can buy them here)

So the only thing left to pack would be the VERY popular Sarah Palin buttons that I always run out of...Guess what? I did. It feels so awful to have someone come up to you all excited (they really make people smile) and then have to tell them they are gone :(

Ok. Got my bag packed. Got my ticket.

At the last minute I ended up with some complimentary tickets too to give away. Courtesty of Palin Promotions, Organize4Palin, and The Grand New Party.

All ready to go. The drive from Hollywood to Anaheim was a long one. This should only take about 35-40 minutes. But not today. I didn't panic at all because I knew that early in the primary season promoters and organizers learned something very important about having Sarah Palin campaign for candidates. If the candidate speaks AFTER Sarah Palin speaks nobody will hear them because everyone leaves after Sarah Palin finishes speaking. Obviously Sarah Palin was scheduled to be last so I didn't fret the traffic.

Finally in the OC! Heading in...

Okay time to get my Grrrrr on!


An auditorium. In Orange County, CA. Thousands of peasants unhappy with the King and his band of merry freedom takers have gathered to hear a woman speak who says that "In America you don't need a title to make a difference".


A peasant (#1) with a yellow messenger bag enters the building and at the front door are two more peasants (2 & 3) dressed in red T Shirts that mysteriously say, "FIRE PELOSI". Everyone is surprisingly cheerful, even...optimistic.

(Enter Peasant #1)

Peasant #2: Your ticket please

(Peasant #1 hands Peasant #2 and Peasant #3 his ticket and they smile and nod to enter but Peasant #1 hands them some sort of card with a grizzly bear on it)

Peasant #1: This site makes it super easy to help all of the candidates Sarah Palin has endorsed. It has a map of America on the front page. Each state has various Grizzly Bear icons representing each endorsed candidate. When you click on each Grizzly icon you are re-directed to their campaign site where you can donate time, maybe a couple hours of phone banking, link posting, twitter storms, $5/$10, precinct walking, heck...even prayer, whatever the candidate needs to ensure a November Victory. It'a a great site to help get America back on the right track.

Peasant #3: (Excited) Wow! Thanks Man!

(Peasants #2 & #3 "high five" each other)

(Peasant #1 enters building, Peasants #2 and #3 are seen in the background showing the card to others peasants who seem to want to know where they can get a card too)

Okay I'm tired of writing in the Hollywood movie script thing.

So. I love passing out these cards to people. Regular citizens are getting involved in the restoration of America everyday. The are happy to learn about new ways to put boots on the ground and make America great again.

This lady said to me, "Can I please have one?" "I'm a Mama Grizzly!"

"This year will be remembered as the year commonsense, conservative women get things done for our country."-Sarah Palin

But don't forget the Papa Grizzlies too!

What I did here was pass stacks of O4P cards down the aisle for people to take one and pass along.

"Can I have one?"

I think it's so great that young conservative "millenials" are getting involved in helping Sarah Palin!

People went nuts when Sarah Palin came on stage (duh). She really got the crowd excited about volunteering and voting.

I know we are all concentrating on November 2, but we all know what starts on November 3.

Well folks. That’s about it. I passed out 250 O4P cards to excited, pumped up, patriotic Americans. Americans who are ready for real change. Positive change.

Let's really use our time wisely these last two weeks. Everyday O4P and C4P have a candidate of the day that needs our help. If these Grizzlies can get elected on November 2 they will have our back. So let's make sure we have their back during this final stretch.

On November 3 let's wake up knowing we did everything we could to get Pro-America, common sense, constitutional, conservative candidates to Washington.

The stakes are high. Let's keep the momemtum. Let's really shake things up and put a stop to the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda.

We're tired of the Obma way. It's time to start doing things the American way.

Thomas S Schmitz

Palin Promotions


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