Friday, October 15, 2010

The Monkey On Jerry Brown's Back

Brown nailed by Fonda flashback
By Kasie Hunt
October 13, 2010

Remember when Jerry Brown tried to give Jane Fonda a job with the state of California?

The California GOP wants you to.

In an e-mail sent Wednesday, the state party points out an Oct. 13, 1981, Los Angeles Times story about Brown's defense of a spate of controversial 1979 appointments he made in part to generate left-wing support for his nascent primary chalenge to then-President Jimmy Carter.
More than three decades ago, in 1979, Brown named Fonda to the California Arts Council but the state Senate rejected her appointment. “By all standards by which I was raised, Fonda was guilty of having committed treason,” one state senator said at the time, according to a September 1979 account of the flap in TIME Magazine.
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