Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Speech Laws: The Next Abomination?

If you think this kind of trial can't happen in the US, remember that Congress has already passed a hate-crimes law.  If the Dems continue to hold power in the three branches of government, it won't be long before they will take a page out of the Dutch's book, and write hate-speech laws.  Politically-correct Dems don't really believe in the First Amendment, so this kind of scenario is right up their alley.  The Constitution is an impediment to the enlightened views of left-wing "progressives," but that has seldom stopped them from writing abominable laws.

Dutch Trial Is Threat To Free Speech
Investor's Business Daily
October 4, 2010

Freedom:  What do the trial of a Dutch politician, multiple terrorist threats in Western Europe and a speech by a Mideast tyrant have in common?  Plenty, if you're a citizen of the West.  It's all part of a game of intimidation.

On Monday, the trial for Dutch anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders began.  His odious crime?  Speaking out against the Netherlands' open-border immigration policies, which have been blamed for letting hundreds of thousands of Muslims move in without assimilating into Dutch society.

The Dutch government charges Wilders with the Orwellian crime of "hate speech."  For this, Wilders could spend a year in prison.
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