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Restoration of America = PC? Hell No...

Last week George Soros NPR decided to pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize Juan Williams for daring to speak the truth. His firing is an example of how political correctness is destroying America. That is the goal of political correctness. In the fundamental transformation of America: If you can control the people's speech patterns, you can manipulate the people's belief system.

Last winter my column STAND UP! addressed the issue of political correctness, it's origin, and it's purpose. I am re-running STAND UP: In the Best Interest of the Child...REALLY? because we must remember where the concept of political correctness came from and why we will not tolerate it in the restoration of America:

STAND UP!: In the Best Interest of the Child...REALLY?

Our country is in the midst of a civil war. President Barack Obama and his minions of intellectual imperialists have declared war on the citizens of our republic. As loyal cadets of the silent majority we must stand up to their assault to our freedoms and traditional American values. If we want our children to grow up in the same America we know and love, now is the time to speak our minds and say enough is enough.

Adults must begin to break our silence as the left’s platform of political correctness intentionally seeks to undermine the role of the parent and destroy individualism. We must make time to read every school notice, regularly attend PTA meetings, and have parent teacher conferences. We must not be afraid to pick up the phone or write letters of complaint to networks when we see children’s media complicit in the attack on parental rights. As members of the silent majority we have always embraced politeness and caution in voicing our sociological views. Unfortunately this has resulted in a preaching to the choir mentality which in today’s political climate is a luxury we can no longer afford.

The cult of Political correctness has been slowly dictating to us for quite a while and we didn’t even notice it. We laughed it off when teachers were bullied into not grading papers with a red pen because red is too aggressive, stressful and demoralizing. We listened civilly to the politically correct puppets obvious anti-competiveness argument that the American institutions of dodge ball and tag were too hostile and victimizing to children. We raised eyebrows in California when children were banned from the four decade long tradition of wearing pilgrim and Indian costumes for the school Thanksgiving pageant under the guise of sensitivity. How much longer are we going to accommodate this strike against our children and our American heritage?

In order to understand the lefts fascination with political correctness we must first understand its goal and where this dangerous concept came from. It was developed by the Frankfurt School in New York. Originally the Frankfurt School was a think tank called The Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt Germany. Their initial job was finding what Russia’s biggest obstacle in spreading communism across the world would be. They found it to be the conviction of pro-individualism in Europe and North America’s modern culture. This went against communisms core argument that acceptable thought comes only from the collective not the individual.

After moving to New York these group thinkers combined psychological conditioning with business monikers and popular phrases. It’s purpose? By changing people’s language you could control people’s belief system. This immoral brainchild is not change we can believe in nor is it American in any way. As adults we must continue to stand up and speak out against political correctness or one day in the not so near future our children and their children will no longer answer to themselves but rather they will answer to Washington and to answer to Washington in recent times is to answer to the Beast.

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