Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grizzlies Keeping the Momentum

Currently, WE THE PEOPLE have the momentum on our side, SO LET"S KEEP IT UP! These last two weeks before Freedom Day are very important. The time for choosing is near. Now is the time to walk those precincts, wave those signs, wear those buttons, stuff those envelopes, and get your boots on the ground. Now is the time to get the votes.

I introduced you to Mama Grizzly Josephine Rescigno a couple of weeks ago. Josephine took a stand for our country by organizing The Beverly Hills Tea Party.

Today I traveled from Hollywood to Josephine's house in Beverly Hills (a whopping 15 minutes). Josephine and I wanted to get our Grrrrr on and help keep the momentum going. We want to wake up on November 3rd knowing we did everything we could to get Pro-America, common sense, constitutional conservative candidates elected here in Los Angeles, CA.

Josephine welcomed me back into her home so we could get to work.

Today's getting our Grrrrr on task was to get the lawn signs assembled and out on full display. Luckily we had another Mama Grizzly to help us....

Almost done. (That's the newest Beverly Hills Mama Grizzly; Katty)

One down, six to go...

Ok back outside. Let's get these signs on display!


Go Carly! (Volunteer/Donate) Go Chuck! (Volunteer/Donate) Go Meg! (Volunteer/Donate)

Come on everyone. If we can send these Pro-America, common sense, constitutional conservative gals and guys to D.C. they will have our back. Let's be sure to have their back these last two weeks. They need our help, our time, and a few of our dollars (so Obama won't take all our dollars and leave us with...well...Change).

Go Chuck! (again) (Volunteer/Donate) Go Star! (Volunteer/Donate)

Go Merlin! (Volunteer/Donate) Go Colbert! (Volunteer/Donate)

Go Army! Go Navy! Go Airforce! Go Marines! OORAH!

"Our Military is a force for good in the world, and that is nothing to apologize for." Sarah Palin

Okay the signs are up...What's next? Well, whatever the candidates need is next. Time to check in with and see who the candidate of the day is and what kind of help she or he needs. Phone banking? You got it! Precinct walking? I'm there! Sign waving? Yup! Envelope stuffing? Okay. $5? I can do that. $10? I can do that too. You know what? My country is worth so much more than that. I'm not going to go out for dinner for the next month or so and I can cough up $25 or possible $50 or maybe even a little more. My country is worth it.

Americans are sick and tired of Barack Hussein Obama peddling the parlor Socialism he learned at Harvard with his complicit congress. America is a country that thrives on hard work, not free hand-outs funded by stolen taxpayer dollars.

We want a government that lives within its means, and doesn't hijack our kids future to pay for Obama's bureaucratic waste.

We the people demand a government that will uphold a strong national defense and stop bowing to nations and dictators who hate America and our liberty.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid Scheme Team have rejected the values that made our republic great. But America has not.

Let's buckle down during these last two weeks and do everything within our means to send our candidates to D.C. to bring real change. The restoration of America can begin. It begins with us. It begins now. Let's get to work Patriots. Boots on the ground.


Thomas S Schmitz

Palin Promotions


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