Sunday, October 31, 2010

Obama To Flee The US After The Election

After Election, Obama to Flee US
By David Paul Kuhn
Real Clear Politics
October 30, 2010

Barack Obama is fleeing the United States after the Republican landslide.  But hold the excitement conservatives.  It's only temporary.

Winners might go to Disneyland.  But defeated presidents seemingly favor Asia.

Bill Clinto fled to Asia not long after Democrats suffered their historic blowout in 1994.  George W. Bush was Asia bound following his famous declaration of the GOP's "thumpin" in the 2006 midterm election.  Now Obama shall do the same.  And in record time.

A mere three days after Tuesday's election, President Obama leaves for a 10-day sojourn abroad.  Obama's taking more time away than Clinton or Bush.  But Obama will likely have more to recover from.  Tuesday's election could be the largest landslide since FDR's day.

White Houses dependably claim these trips are coincidence.  It's pro forma spin.  Administrations cite this occasion or that summit.  More though is always at play.
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[Ed.  Maybe he won't come back.]

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