Saturday, October 30, 2010

Supremes Shortly To Consider An Eligibility Case Against Barack Obama

Here's the Supreme Court's docket listing a pending Writ of Certiorari filed against Barack Obama regarding his eligibility for the presidency based on constitutional definitions of the term natural born Citizen.  Click here for more details about this lawsuit, including an embedded copy of the Writ.  Also see attorney Mario Apuzzo's web site for a diary of arguments and activity leading up to this pivotal moment for the plaintiffs.

Shortly after the November 2nd election, the Supreme Court will decide whether they will hear the merits of the Kerchner et al case, which charges that Barack Obama fails to meet the definition of a natural born Citizen because he holds dual citizenship with the U.K.

If the Supreme Court fails to hear the merits, with the argument that the plaintiffs lack standing as the lower courts have said, it will then beg the obvious question: "Does any citizen of the United States have standing to challenge the eligibility of a sitting President, or even future candidates who claim to be natural born Citizens?" 

If the Supreme Court fails to define the term natural born Citizen to prevent usurpations, then the door will be permanently opened to tyranny against the American people and the U.S. Constitution.

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