Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Playing This Friday: 'I Want Your Money'

Producer Ray Griggs is premiering a new movie in theaters near you this Friday, October 15th.  The title:  "I Want Your Money".  Griggs animated the film because he believes the medium is well suited for synthesizing complex ideas.  In the movie, President Ronald Reagan is the hero educator, and Barack Obama is his misguided student.  Reagan contrasts the positive results of limited government vs. the failures of big-government socialism.

From Griggs' website:
Join filmmaker Ray Griggs in this documentary film I Want Your Money as he contrasts the two paths the United States can take using the words and actions of Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. The film uses interviews from well-known public figures, experts, movie clips, dramatic portrayals, music, graphics and even comedic animation to tell the story in the plainest terms of the choice between the Obama and the Reagan views of the role of the federal government in our society. It also examines how these big government programs have been tried in the past at great moral and financial cost to the nation. California is offered as a case-in-point in understanding what economic challenges might face the nation, if we choose the larger government path. Finally, I Want Your Money is a call to action for those who care about the future of the United States.
Over 3,000,000 people have already viewed this trailer, so public interest is extraordinarily high.  Let's hope that at least ten times that number will come away from the movie fully comprehending that the politicians whom we elect into office can make or break this country. 

If you can arrange it, meet your friends, family and neighbors at a theater near you.  Spread the word.

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