Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nerd Herd Alert! Please Email: mthompson@freepress.com

We have a new member of the Nerd Herd everyone! His name is Mike Thompson. He is a cartoonist at FreePress.com.

Mikey printed an offensive cartoon about Juan Williams and other Fox News contributors.

In Mikey's stupid cartoon Sarah Palin is dressed as a clown (clever Mikey, ya think that up all by yourself), Bill O' Reilly in a Hitler T shirt, Glenn Beck as an SS Officer, and Sean Hannity in a Homicide Bomber Belt (classy). Mikey's not just clever, he's edgy too....

Anyway, feel free to drop the genius an email at: mthompson@freepress.com

Then give Mikey a call and send him a fax at Phone: 313-222-6583; Fax: 313-222-6774

You can see his artwork here

Conservatives out number liberals by 2-1. It's time we started to act like it.

Have fun with the newest member of the Nerd Herd. Be polite...(sort of).

Thomas S Schmitz

Palin Promotions


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