Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mama & Papa Grizzlies March on Beverly Hills

Yesterday I got a phone call from Beverly Hills Mama Grizzly Josephine Rescigno (Organizer of The Beverly Hills Tea Party):

"Thomas, we're running out of time, we only have 7 days left"..."We need to do more to get the word out on Chuck (Wilkerson) & Carly (Fiorina)"..."How about marching on the Beverly Hills lunch crowd!"..."I'll call Pat (Boone)"..."Meet me tomorrow in front of Geary's at high noon"...CLICK

That's how Josephine rolls. Mama Grizzlies get things done. Just like the birth of The Beverly Hills Tea Party, the Grizzly March on Beverly Hills was organized by Josephine Lickity-Split. There is no time to waste in getting America back on the right track. Mama Grizzlies understand that time is precious and not to be wasted. Mom's know how to multi-task better than anyone else, and nobody should ever get in the way of a Mama Grizzly on a mission. Grrrrrrr!

I didn't have much time to get ready but luckily the other day I made a big batch of Organize4Palin (O4P) Trick or Treat Goodies. You can read how to make them yourself: here

I knew this would be a great opportunity to spread the word about The Grizzlies. So I grabbed the basket of O4P Halloween Goodies that I keep by my front door and headed off to meet Josephine in Beverly Hills.

I arrived a little early and waited in the shaded parking lot. Today was warm in LA and since the O4P Trick or Treats were filled with Hershey's chocolate...well you know.

At the stroke of high noon I headed out onto Beverly Dr. to meet Josephine.

We were only there a few minutes before Josephines neighbor and dear friend Mr. Pat Boone joined us.

Pat Boone is a patriot. His participation in The Beverly Hills Tea Party inspired many people here in Los Angeles to join together and help make America great again.

Pat was happy to get his Grrrrrr on and support The Grizzlies!

But Josephine wasn't finished with the invites. No sooner had I finished giving Pat an O4P treat than someone else walked up! Newly crowned Papa Grizzly Chuck Wilkerson. Chuck is running against 35 year incumbent Henry Waxman for the U.S. Congress CA 30. Just yesterday Chuck received an endorsement from Sarah Palin.

Katty joined us to get her Grrrrr on too.

With Josephine and Pat in the lead the Grizzlies started to walk around downtown Beverly Hills ready to talk to voters.

Even here in wacky California people are catching on to the fact that only Pro-America, common sense, constitutional conservatives can drive America out of the ditch (tramp-stamp Obama bumper sticker and all).

Mama Grizzlies who were working in the restaurants saw us through the windows and ran outside to lend their support! "We're Mama Grizzlies too!"

As we approached the area of downtown Beverly Hills with the outdoor cafes full of people I knew this would be my time to get my Grrrrr on.

Operation O4P Trick or Treat was in full swing!


I kept hearing, "OMG I love Sarah Palin, I want one!"

Americans are really waking up and not afraid to say that the golden age of Hope and Change was a fraud. Soon Americans will be looking North to the future (you know what I mean...)

I know we're supposed to be focused on tuesday but I have to tell you something. So many people after getting their O4P trick or treat said the exact same thing to me. "Sarah Palin will run for President...won't she?"

Meanwhile.....Mama Grizzly Josephine just keeps going!

The Grizzlies keep on marching! Grrrrrr!

While I was talking to Pat Boone I almost got the giggles...I couldn't stop thinking about Sharon Osbourne after getting caught throwing a ham at her neighbor talk about how much she missed having Pat Boone as a neighbor; and saying something like, "I would never throw a ham at Pat" or something like that. Pat Boone is amazing. I would never throw a ham at him either.

Just like a true Papa Grizzly Chuck Wilkerson is taking his message straight to the folks.

fellow Grizzlies thats about it. But stay tuned because you never know when Josephine or I may decide to get our Grrrrr on again.

Stay motivated, stay activated, get organized. We are six days away from fundamentally restoring America. Walk those precincts, make those calls, donate those dollars, say those prayers, and wave those signs.

America will be great again. It starts with us, it starts now. Get involved.

Thomas S Schmitz

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