Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to: Pass-Out O4P Trick or Treats This Week!

Halloween and Freedom Day are right around the corner. We are 10 days away from fundamentally restoring America!

There is a lot of work to be done between now and November 2. There are precincts to walk, envelopes to stuff, phone calls to make, twitter storms to....storm, links to be posted, and dollars to be donated.

The Mama & Papa Grizzlies endorsed by Sarah Palin will have our back when they get to Washington. So let's be sure to have their back these last 10 days to make sure they get there. (O4P) makes it really easy to do this. With the help (C4P) these two sites advertise a candidate of the day, candidate alerts, and the growing "adopt a grizzly" program.

This week I will be passing out O4P "Trick or Treat" goodies to all of the small business's I frequent when I am out running errands. You know...the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. The family owned pharmacy, the check out lady at Ralphs/Trader Joe's, and the Wells Fargo Bank Tellers are all real people that I come in contact with every week.

The anti business policies of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda have made it so easy for me to talk to small business owners about Sarah Palin, O4P and the Grizzlies (even here in progressive Hollywood, CA).

Making these O4P Trick or Treat goodies is easy, fun, and in-expensive:

1. Find the .99 Store closest to where you live. Then you'll need to go there to pick up a few things.

2. Some of these little plastic pumpkins:

3. Some Orange and Black Curling Ribbon.

4. Some Halloween Themed Cellophane.

5. Some of your favorite Candy.

6. Get your O4P Business cards out and punch a whole in the corner of each card. I make my own O4P cards but you can buy them here if you want: Zazzle

7. Line up your pumpkins and fill with candy.

8. Wrap each pumpkin in cellophane, tie with ribbon, and attach the O4P card.

That's it!

I plan on giving these to everyone all week long. I have a big basket of them by my front door. The UPS lady/man, the delivery girl/boy, the pizza woman/man are all hardworking, regular, everyday Americans that are concerned about the direction of our country. They all need to be aware that The Grizzlies are ready to go to Washington to work for them, to work for us, The Little Guy!

When I run my errands this week I will be giving these O4P Trick or Treat goodies to all the working folks and small business owners I see every week. Everyday more and more people are waking up to the fundamental transformation and guess what? They don't like it.

We don't want America transformed, we want America restored!

Please join me in using these Trick or Treat goodies to spread the word to your friends, neighbors, co-workers and everyone who knows that we must send to Washington those who will serve us, not rule us.

If we all buckle down during these remaing days and do everything within our means to send The Grizzlies to D.C. we can bring real change. The restoration of America can begin. It begins with us. It begins now. Let’s get to work Patriots. Boots on the ground.

Happy Halloween and HAPPY FREEDOM DAY!

Thomas S Schmitz

Palin Promotions


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