Monday, October 4, 2010

1...2...3...O4P For Victory

Last Sunday I attended The Beverly Hills Tea Party and passed out information on Sarah Palin and (O4P). Since then, people have been asking me how they too can get their Grrrrrr on and take a stand for their country.

It's very easy. We are very lucky.

Sarah Palin has brilliantly laid Victory in the hands of the people. But the rest is up to us. By staying motivated, by staying activated, and by getting organized we can all take a part in history by getting our country back on the right track.

The tools we need to do this are literally at our fingertips. Since the information is spread out on the internet I have been asked to put it all in one place. So here we go.

When talking to people about Sarah Palin I have found it helpful to have something to give them. Something for them to take home, read, and share. I keep these with me at all times. Especially when I'm running errands. Familar faces from the pharmacist, to the bank teller, to the check out lady at the grocery store create wonderful opportunities to share. Regular, everyday, hardworking Americans are tired of the stuff going on in Washington and not surprisingly they like to hear about an ordinary person who is doing some very extraordinary things for our country. Two of my favorite pieces of literature to pass out are available online.

101 Reasons to Support Sarah Palin by Nicole Coulter is one of my favorites. It's an amazing list of reasons to support Sarah Palin with a few tongue in cheek reasons thrown in for fun (Reason #82 "She named her kid after Van Halen").

What I do is a basic cut and paste job to make these. I copy the text from the link above (cut) and then copy it into a Word file (paste). Then I add the title: 101 Reasons to Support Sarah Palin. The link above just has the title of: Reasons to Support Sarah Palin. But I like to add the 101 myself. I don't think Nicole will mind.

You can then print these out yourself. But what I do is email them to my local print shop and they print them up for me. The print shop I use is a family owned Mom and Pop small business. They too are tired of all the stuff going on in Washington and the Obama Administrations war on small business. So they give me a great deal on these. Because they know that Sarah Palin and her grizzlies understand the value of a dollar, and how hard it is to earn, and how easy the Obama administration has made it for big government to take that dollar away.

The next piece of Sarah Palin literature I keep with me is called: Governor Sarah Palin's Accomplishments. This is a color two page document. You can make these yourself. But I email the document to my favorite Mom and Pop Print Shop and they print these up for me too. This document highlights Sarah Palins numerous legislative victories while she was the youngest governor of our largest state. When people see this document they are shocked at how Sarah Palin got more done in two years than most governors have ever done in eight years. Mama Grizzlies get things done.

With the November elections coming quickly it is so important to get the word out on O4P. As more and more Americans are waking up to what is being done to our country they are asking: "What can I do"? I hand them an O4p business card and tell them they can get their Grrrrrr on by going to O4P and getting organized.

O4P business cards are effective and necessary to get the word out. You can order them from the O4P store on Zazzle.

The O4P business cards were not available when I first started to get my Grrrrrr on. Can you guess what I did? Yup. I relied on my trusty local Mom and Pop Print Shop where they have a business card machine that makes business cards for super cheap in less than an hour. I just email them the O4P logo and they do the rest.

My homemade (semi) O4P business cards O4P only have the logo and the web address on them. So I make sure that I tell everyone I give them to a little bit about what O4P is. I tell them that O4P makes it really easy to help the grizzly candidates. I tell them that the home page has a map of the U.S. with little grizzly bear icons for each Sarah Palin endorsed grizzly candidate. When you click on one of the grizzly bears users are redirected to that candidates campaign site where you can volunteer to help them. Since most grizzly candidates rely on a volunteer staff I explain how important it is for us to help them with our time, donations, and prayers.

The last little goody I pass out is of course a Sarah Palin button. People love these. At the Tea Party in Beverly Hills last Sunday I got mobbed! "He has Sarah Palin buttons"! The biggest mistake I have made with these is that when I go to events it seems I can never bring enough. I ran out a couple weeks ago at the Santa Monica GOP Headquarters Grand Opening.

Most of the online stores that carry Sarah Palin buttons are very expensive; charging $2 for one button! Yikes! (Talk about a one woman walking stimulus package). Luckily I found an online button store that charges around $.29 per button. I use I really like them because they have a fast turn around, free shipping, no hidden set-up fees, no extra costs for color, and no minimum order.

All you do is set up an account at and select how many buttons you'd like to order and what size. I like the 1.75" size (round). Then you are prompted to upload a photo for the buttons. I use the Sarah Palin official portrait from 2006. Just right click the photo and save it to your picture file then you can easily upload it to your button order.

To make carrying all the literature, O4P cards, and buttons easier I like to put them in this Sarah Palin Messenger bag.

I carry this bag full of goodies with me at all times. You would be surprised at what a wonderful opportunity it provides me with to talk to people about Sarah Palin, the grizzlies, the November elections, and what they can do to help their country.

If I'm going to a Tea Party or some other type of event I sometimes wear a Sarah Palin polo shirt just to step things up a notch as far as promotion goes. This really gets people interested and ready to talk about saving our country from an administration that just doesn't seem to see America they way most Americans see America.

So their you have it folks. 1...2...3...O4P For Victory! Grrrrrrrrr!

I hope you'll all join me in taking the Pro America, common sense, constitutional, conservative message directly to the people in your community.

I live in Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, CA. Right it the thick of a progressive mumbo jumbo neigborhood. Normally free pot for everyone, public restrooms for Transexuals, a bill of rights/lawyers for dogs/cats, and plently of "Green" anti-capitalist enviromental propaganda woud be the popular group psychosis. But their is something in the air. People are waking up. Common sense has replaced Utopian fairytales. Now that Hope & Change has been defined for us, people are finding that they don't like the fundamental transformation and America got snookered in 2008. (Perhaps Hoax & Chains would have been more accurate).

Please join me fellow patriots. The grizzlies have a lot of work to do to help Sarah Palin send these candidates to Washington. These candidates who are ready, who are willing, and who are able to go to Congress with a servants heart. They will serve us, they will not attempt to rule us.

Let's do our part. Let' put government back on the side of the people.

So get your Grrrrrr on today.

Please join our cause. Register at O4P, put your boots on the ground, use these tools, and let's take back America. Let's get our country back on the right track.

Thomas S Schmitz

Palin Promotions

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