Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Sarah Palin, Los Angeles Needs a Papa Grizzly

Dear Sarah Palin,

Last night I met a really great American. His name is Chuck Wilkerson. He is running for CA 30 against that little weasel Henry Waxman. Chuck came over to my house with his campaign staff to talk to me (Oh, BTW I DVR'd Dancing With the Stars, voted for Bristol and was glad you, Piper and Todd got to come too!).

I met Chuck last month at the Grand Opening of the GOP Headquarters in Santa Monica. I also met Sandy who is one of Chuck's staff members (volunteer) and we exchanged contact info. Sandy had been reading online about me getting my Grrrrr on in Los Angeles. She liked the O4P coverage of The Beverly Hills Tea Party. But Sandy was most impressed that I took the time to learn about the Organizer of the Tea Party: Josephine Rescigno (Unlike the local Lamestream Media who wrote all sorts of nasty lies).

Sandy called me up and wanted me to come meet with her, Chuck and the sadly under-funded, under staffed team of volunteers. This team works for love of country, not money.

Unfortunately, like so many other Americans I had to get rid of our automobile. So transportation sometimes is tricky as I have to make arrangements with a friend who has a small business car service. (He's a patriot so he gives me a killer deal!)

But this wasn't tricky at all for Chuck Wilkerson. Chuck said, "Let's all pile into Sandy's car and drive up to Thomas's house." Can you imagine Henry Waxman, Barbara Boxer, or Maxine Waters EVER uttering those words? Let alone thinking them.

As you can guess the Chuck Wilkerson campaign is just like so many campaigns going on right now in America. Regular, everyday citizens are standing up and speaking out against entrenched incumbents. Real people are challenging these entitled politico's for one reason: to restore America for their kids. (In all honesty there are two reasons. The second reason is because people have been massively inspired by you and realized that you are right: In America you do not need a title to make a difference).

So many Moms, Dads, and Nana's and Papa's here in Los Angeles have had enough of the madness going on in Washington, enough of the destruction from Congress. Enough of Henry Waxman.

These Moms, Dads, and Nana's and Papa's are fed up! They've had ENOUGH! They want change, the right kind of change, and are ready to vote in a new kind of public servant.

The Beverly Hills Tea Party two weeks ago was a striking indication that the electorate here in Los Angeles has had enough of elite know-it-all's like Henry Waxman.

Chuck is on a mission. His mission is to return political power to its rightful custodians: we the people. In order for this to happen career politicians like Henry Waxman must be fired. Mr Waxman has squandered our treasure and mortgaged the future of our children. Henry Waxman thinks he deserves to be in Congress to tell us what's best for us. And what Henry Waxman thinks is best for us is more government, more welfare dependency, and higher taxes to support the "Beast" we call the federal government.

Last night I met a Pro-America, common sense, constitutional conservative. I met a Papa Grizzly. Chuck Wilkerson understands that a Sarah Palin endorsement is a double edged sword. If Chuck were to be lucky enough to get your endorsement he is ready, he is willing, and he is able to stand up for truth when the local Los Angeles paper's gleefully attack him for daring to be a Papa Grizzly on their turf.

Just like you Sarah, Chuck knows that the voters are tired of media distractions. The electorate is ready to send Chuck to a broken, out of touch Washington. But Chuck needs your help to get to Washington to replace Henry Waxman.

Chuck is prepared to rescue America from the progressive failure and take our country back. Just like a proud Papa Grizzly Chuck is ready to roar and put America back on the right track. Grrrrrrrr!


Thomas S Schmitz

Private Citizen

Hollywood, CA

Please visit and donate: Chuck Wilkerson 4 Congress

Chuck's Facebook Page

Thomas S Schmitz

Palin Promotions


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