Sunday, December 26, 2010

Update: Obot SMRSTRAUSS' Links Are Being Scrubbed From Google Prior To Presidential Campaign

Obot SMRSTRAUSS' Links Are Being Scrubbed From Google
By EricaThunderpaws

Recently I visited the website of attorney Mario Apuzzo, legal council for Charles Kerchner, and noticed that SMRSTRAUSS had posted a comment to an article.  Apparently, this Obot couldn't resist plying his trade once again, but Apuzzo's readers are at least aware of who he is and resoundingly rejected his remarks.

During the presidential election, and for a very long time afterwards, SMRSTRAUSS did a lot of damage on behalf of Obama.  He, his wife, and probably a host of others using the same name, infiltrated every site that discussed Obama's eligibility issue.  This crew left a trail of disinformation everywhere they posted.  Their mission:  to ridicule all who doubted Obama's eligibility to serve as president, and to confuse the public by misstating the facts.  

If you missed the exploits of SMRSTRAUSS, read my exposé published in March 2010 for the full story, backed up with hard evidence.  On the date that article was published, a search on Google for this Obot's name registered nearly 20,000 hits, which was very impressive activity by a "single" individual!

One would assume that over time the trajectory of hits for SMRSTRAUSS would climb if he/they continued to post comments, or perhaps level off if they stopped, but exactly the opposite has happened!  The trajectory of Google hits for this name has dropped dramatically downward.  Information doesn't just disappear from the internet unless someone physically removes the links.  SMRSTRAUSS must have friends in high places!  But of course, that is the argument I made in the article. 

Evidence for the change in Google hits is displayed below.  Prior to publishing my exposé on SMRSTRAUSS' activity, I made screen captures of the Google results page on a couple of occasions.  On January 29, 2010, Google returned 17,500 links.  A short time later on February 8, 2010, Google had increased the returns to 18,900 links.  Today, there are only 4,640 links!

Perhaps SMRSTRAUSS and friends are trying to clean up the Internet before the 2012 presidential election cycle begins, because the link between SMRSTRAUSS and Obama's disinformation campaign might prove useful to Obama's opponents if their dirty tricks are exposed.

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January 29, 2010

February 8, 2010

December 26, 2010


  1. Private...Private...Private...Private...Private...Private...

    I use the 'private' as I have in the past with Leo Donofrio when disusing strategies and applications of Law.

    You may remember me, SLCraig, as the person who pursued a case through the Courts seeking the definition of the Constitutional idiom of natural born Citizen, insofar as citizenship is concerned.

    Although the case naturally failed on the issue of standing it provided me experience in the 'due process system' as used by the courts and has put a number of Judges on record with outrageous 'dicta'.

    But while that was going on I pursued an 'administrative' avenue where I could find 'standing' . I did. I have refiled, having exhausted ALL administrative means of achieving a remedy.

    I am most interested in having you review the filing and critique and opine as so few people understand that in the 1st instance, it is a 'citizenship question'.

    Below is the 'scribed' link, but I would happily send it to you in any formate that would be useful to you. Also below is a link to a small forum I keep open and my email address.

    I am contemplating a filing 'Motion Leave to File 'Notice of Adjudicative Facts' in the effort to keep the Court constrained to the pertinent period of time and Documents to search. That is not published yet and I am hoping it would be something you would look at also. ... -10-1345-c


  2. More eBay info:
    Exact match:
    smrstrauss ( 227) 11 years 3 months MA,United States
    Close match:
    mrstrauss ( 17) 9 years 6 months MA,United States

    No reason not to think they are the same person(s). Seems to like art. :)

  3. This guy spammed the hell out of my blog. One reason that his hits on Google may have diminished is that I suspect many blogs are only kept for three months like mine. After that you can not access the older information. I was forced to approve messages after Strauss hit me so hard day after day. Still very satisfying to see that there were others who had to deal with this nit wit other than me.