Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bill Whittle's Christmas Message: A Nation of Desire

Video:  The meaning of Christmas in American history
By Ed Morrissey
December 21, 2010

Bill Whittle returns for a final firewall episode, this time on the meaning of Christmas in American history -- or really, the meaning and resonance of Christianity.  Bill quotes John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on the requirement for a free people to be of high moral character, something they considered implicit in the Americans who fought for the freedom of self-governance.  That didn't require a theocratic institution for government, but instead a government that interfered little with their choices and room for the natural character of people to assert itself.  They did not view American s as children who could not be trusted with choice, but adults who by and large would act on their inherent, God-gifted goodness for prosperity and liberty:
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