Saturday, December 11, 2010

Run Sarah Run

The 2012 Republican primary is about to get under way.

Can you think of any creative ways to let Sarah Palin and the rest of America know we need her to run for President?

We need to get the word out. She's the only one.

We don't want a blue blood fake conservative like Mitt Romney. He can be Secretary of the Treasury...Maybe.

We like Uncle Newt, but he'd be better as an occasional time to time advisor...Maybe.

We're not quite sure what to think of Tim Pawlenty...He totally seems like a really nice guy though.

Mike Huckabee? Well...Hmmm. He also totally seems like a really nice guy.

Mitch Daniels?...Nope.

Michael Bloomberg...Nope.

Bobby Jindal? We could probably find a cabinet position for him.

Rick Santorum? He's a nice guy too who probably would have some good advice to give from time to time.

Marco Rubio?...2020.

Paul Ryan?...2020.

Mike Pence? Ron Paul? Chris Christie?...Cabinet posts all the way around!

Donald Trump? To be honest, I could totally get behind The Donald if for some strange reason Sarah Palin didn't run. (C'mon, we all know she's gonna run) You know what? Screw Mitt, Donald Trump would make a better Secretary of the Treasury!

Now is the time for us to be putting our thinking caps on. We need to get the message out: America needs Sarah Palin!

Do you guys have any ideas?

I do.

Stay tuned for details.

Thomas S Schmitz

Palin Promotions


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