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"Sarah Palin's Alaska" DVD Stocking Stuffers!

Just in time for Christmas! Available at the TLC Store.

The TLC Store writes:

This DVD features exclusive bonus content that is unavailable anywhere else!

Sarah Palin's Alaska is a new documentary series that takes viewers into the country's 'final frontier' through the eyes of one of its most famous citizens - Sarah Palin.

Chapter 1) Sarah and Todd have a family tradition on July 4: to fish salmon in Bristol Bay, the world's biggest wild salmon run. Todd, a lifelong fisherman, is renowned for catching the most fish. Son, Track, works to earn the title of captain on his father's boat.

Chapter 2) Sarah escapes her busy schedule to spend quality time with her youngest daughter, Piper. Together with husband, Todd, they go salmon fishing in bear country. Later, Sarah and Todd climb one of Denali's most challenging peaks.

Chapter 3) Sarah is packing the RV and taking her family on a weekend road trip of white water rafting, and ATV'ing. Later, Sarah and her youngest daughter, Piper, will meet some Iditarod champions and go dog sledding on a nearby glacier.

Chapter 4) Sarah along with her husband, Todd, and daughter, Willow, go to a remote logging camp on Alaska's Afognak Island to get a taste of the Alaskan logging industry. Sarah cuts down Sitka Spruce trees and operates dangerous logging equipment on the island.

Chapter 5) Sarah welcomes Kate Gosselin and her children to Alaska. To prepare for a camping trip with the kids, Sarah takes Kate to a bear safety class for rifle practice. Then Kate and the kids experience the wilderness braving the challenges of camping in Alaska.

Chapter 6) Sarah, her brother, Chuck, and their kids go to Nome hunting for gold. The plan: to find enough to make Sarah's mom an anniversary gift. Chuck leads the way panning for gold then to Valdez; kayaking a glacier that was once part of the 1890's Gold Route.

Chapter 7) Sarah and family take a road trip to famous Homer, Alaska. There they meet a halibut fishing family, who invite Sarah and oldest daughter, Bristol, deep sea fishing. This welcome adventure proves just the right tonic for mother and daughter bonding.

Chapter 8) Sarah's freezer is almost empty and winter is approaching. She embarks on an epic caribou hunting trip with her father, Chuck and friend Steve Becker. They travel 500 miles from the nearest city, above the Arctic Circle, in search of a caribou for food.

Chapter 9) The Discovery Alaska Collection Program Descriptions- Extreme Alaska: Alaska is a vast, frozen wilderness that for 125 million years has played silent witness to the greatest light show on earth. Her secrets are about to be revealed to those who dare to look. A team of intrepid scientists will take up the challenge - they will throw themselves into Alaska's snowy wasteland and witness the origins of the Northern lights, plunge down into the heart of a river of ice to find how freezing temperatures have transformed this landscape and claw their way up her jagged peaks to uncover the explosive story of how Alaska became America's last great wilderness and will one day free herself of ice.

In Too Deep: Jamie Crawford heads to Alaska , one of the coldest places on earth. Jamie looks at how the animals here have adapted to survive in the freezing and testing Alaskan tundra. First up Jamie goes in search of the elusive snowshoe hare. Humans have used the snowshoes hares adaption for moving through the snow to develop human snowshoes. Bald eagles have a special talon, which they use to pierce the vital areas of their prey while it is held immobile by the front toes. Then Jamie goes out with some local researchers in search of tree porcupines. The spines of a porcupine are barbed so that when they get stuck in their prey, they are very difficult to dislodge. Jamie will show this by getting the spines in him.

Next up are the moose of Alaska. Moose eat very dry food and there is little water around. Because of this they have to maintain as much water in their body as possible so their poo is very dry. Jamie will demonstrate how difficult it is to eat lots of dry food without drinking by doing the cracker challenge... Sunrise Earth: Aialik Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska perched in the dawn hours along the terminal moraine of the park's largest tidewater glacier, we look up at the cool blue cracks of ice...flowing towards the sea and towards us. Scattered on the jet-black beach with icebergs, blocks, and bergy bits. They are the debris of last night, broken under the pressure of this four mile long river of ice and the Harding Icefield above. The warmth of a new day seeps through a moody sky. With a thunderous explosion, air trapped for millennia is released into the present. Glaucous gulls scatter. Ice splashes into the sea. A short-range tsunami surges towards the nearby beach. When the tumult pauses, we hear the second river melt water.

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