Friday, December 24, 2010

Blame Game: More Lies From The White House About Columbia Trade Agreement

Tea and Baloney 
Investor's Business Daily
December 23, 2010

Trade: As the economy sputters, the White House has come up with a doozy of an excuse for its failure to put the U.S.-Colombia free-trade pact to a vote in Congress: The Tea Party won't let them. This is getting ridiculous.

The economy, the peril south of our border and our valuable alliance with Colombia all point to real urgency for Congress to pass the U.S.-Colombia free-trade agreement, which would create jobs and add billions each year to our GDP.

Protectionist Democrats have held it up for years, falsely claiming that Colombia's human rights record merited its rejection.

Now that a trade-friendly GOP Congress is coming in, the White House is shifting blame to the Tea Party.
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