Monday, December 20, 2010

Increasing Number of Muslim Students Enrolling at Catholic Colleges

Enrollment of Muslim students is growing at Catholic colleges in U.S.
By William Wan
Washington Post
December 20, 2010

On a quick break between classes last week, Reef Al-Shabnan slipped into an empty room at Catholic University to start her daily prayers to Allah.

In one corner was a life-size painting of Jesus carrying the cross.  In another, the portrait of a late priest and theologian looked on.  And high above the room hung a small wooden crucifix.

This was not, Shabnan acknowledge, the ideal space for a Muslim to pray in.  After her more than two years on campus, though, it has become routine and sacred in its own way.  You can find Allah anywhere, the 19-year-old from Saudi Arabia said, even at the flagship university of the U.S. Catholic world.

In the past few years, enrollment of Muslim students such as Shabnan has spiked at Catholic campuses across the country.
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