Thursday, December 16, 2010

US Dept. of Justice Actively Supports The Implementation of Sharia Law

Holder's Dept. of (Social) Justice
Investor's Business Daily
December 15, 2010

Politics:  This Justice Department's social activism knows no bounds.  First it meddled in a border state's right to protect itself.  Now it's trying to rewrite school policy to pander to Muslim law.

On Monday, Justice sued an Illinois school district for rejecting a Muslim teacher's request to take a three-week leave of absence to travel to Mecca.  The suit claims that the Berkeley School District discriminated against middle-school instructor Safoorah Khan, whose religion "required" her to perform the hajj, and is seeking damages for this so-called victim.

But it's not stopping there.  It seeks an order mandating school officials adopt policies accommodating all Muslim customs, no matter how unreasonable.
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