Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tea Parties on Fire in Texas!

Tea Parties on Fire in Texas!
By Drew Ryun
December 16, 2010

For those of you watching the race for Speaker of the House in Texas, this week saw some fantastic events where local tea party groups gathered in front of their State Rep’s offices and asked them to vote for Ken Paxton over Joe Straus. I love it. This is what our democratic republic is built on-the freedom of assembly and the right to petition our elected officials.

The Lake Fork Tea Party Patriots have a great write-up on the events here.

Some of my favorite parts of the story: Protesters at State Representative Angie Chen-Button’s office arrived to find a note on the door that read, “Sorry we missed you, we will return at 1:30PM” (this after the tea party groups sent out a press release saying they would be at state rep’s offices on December 13th from 12-1pm). State Representative Linda Harper-Brown, elected by the hard work of many tea party members, didn’t even show up at her office on December 13th, completely avoiding what has to be an awkward situation for her-”Do I go with the folks that got me elected or do I go with Joe Straus, who had his allies send me over $200k in campaign contributions this fall?” Linked to the latter question is the timing as to when Harper-Brown’s pledge card in support of Straus was mailed.

Yet the best message delivered was the one left on the door of State Representative Burt Solomon who locked his office doors and turned the lights off: “Burt, 2012 Primaries are in 14 months!”
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