Monday, December 13, 2010

Will EPA Regulations Force You To Bundle Up For Winter Blizzards?

By Amanda Carey
The Daily Caller
December 13, 2010

With reports predicting brutally-cold weather to envelop much of the U.S. in the coming weeks, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations could make it harder for Americans to stay warm.  According to the National Center for Public Policy, the EPA's regulatory war on greenhouse gas emissions will drastically increase costs for the majority of American who get their heat generated from coal.

Coal happens to be the chief emitter of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, making it the EPA's public enemy number one.  And in absence of a comprehensive energy bill, the agency's strategy has instead been to regulate and cap its use, which is bad news for the country's coldest regions.
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The following video is included for people who voted for Obama and who are living in areas of the country that are enduring record winter conditions. Here's what Obama thinks about the coal industry:

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