Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Shopping: Sarah Palin's America By Heart

Sarah Palin's America By Heart: Reflections of Family, Faith, and Flag is an excellent Christmas present to give this year. Amazon has some great deals for as low as $12 per copy.

These past two years of the Fundamental Transformation and the Golden Age of Obama's Hoax and Chains have been rough on the citizens of our Republic.

All across our country people who have never paid attention to politics before are standing up, and speaking out. We know that something is wrong. We can feel it. We don't like the fundamental transformation, and we're going to do something about it.

Together, Americans will fight the unwanted transformation. Then, when the fight is over, and the battle is won; together we will roll up our sleeves, and begin the restoration of America.

Sarah Palin's America By Heart reminds us how we get back to the time tested truths that made the United States great. These truths empowered Americans to make it through difficult periods before, and these same truths will guide us through the provocations and confrontations we face today.

As Americans we must defend our country from Barack Obama. His heart and soul are classwarfare, and the redistribution of wealth and power (under the guise of public service) are his subversive goals.

With her confidence and love of the American people, Sarah Palin offers a stark contrast to Obama's credentialed ignorance and haughty scorn.

Let's use the Christmas tradition of giving to take a stand against those who degrade and devalue our democracy.

Pick up a few extra copies of Sarah Palin's America By Heart and share this book with family, friends, and neighbors. Give a copy to people you see on a regular basis; the bank teller, the pharmacist, the grocer. Talk to them.

Diminishing America from within will be stopped by the people coming together.

Obama's endless valedictorian style lectures insults our sensibility, belittles our morals, and startles our minds.

America By Heart reminds us to be courageous and hopeful.

This Christmas let's remind our fellow Americans who we are. Let's reflect on family, faith, and flag.

"This is our movement, this is our moment, this is our morning in America"
- Sarah Palin

Thomas S Schmitz

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