Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Big Ben Bomb Plot Halted in London

Gee whiz.  What "religion" do you think these terrorists subscribe to?  Maybe they are right-wing Christians, or perhaps Buddhists, or even possibly Scientologists?  Wait a minute.  I think there's a pattern to this madness.  Here's the answer:

Christmas bomb plot: nine men remanded over plan to 'blow up Big Ben and Westminster Abbey'
By Caroline Gammell
The Telegraph
December 27, 2010

They are alleged to have carried out reconnaissance missions before deciding on their possible targets.

People were said to have found at least six sites, including the full postal address of the Stock Exchange, Boris Johnson's London mayoral office and the US embassy.

Defendants were seen studying the tower of Big Ben, before inspecting Westminister Abbey, the London Eye and the Church of Scientology.

Al-Qaeda inspired books and leafelets, including instructions on making a pipe bomb, were also uncovered during the counter-terrorism operation.
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