Saturday, December 11, 2010

Port Heiden: Sarah Palin's Bounty On Wolves Was Right on the Mark

During the presidential campaign, Gov. Sarah Palin was beaten up by the press for ramping up Frank Murkowski's predatory control program on wolves.  Palin offered a bounty for each kill.  The animal rights activists went into hyperdrive attacking Palin, and of course the left-wing media sucked it up like a snowcone on a hot summer day.

Reality check for the media below!  Sarah was right all along, but of course we already knew that.

By Dan Joling
Anchorage Daily News
December 10, 2010

State wildlife biologists have killed 12 wolves outside an Alaska village where pets were snatched and people were worried about the safety of residents.
Attacks on people are rare, and fatalities were unheard of in Alaska until this year. A teacher jogging along a rural road in a nearby village, Chignik Bay, was mauled and killed in March.

Also see this article from 2007:

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