Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Next Assault From The Left: The Food Chain

George Soros and Food Safety
Investor's Business Daily
December 1, 2010

Big Government:  A questionable food safety bill in search of a crisis passed the Senate, but may hit a snag in the House.  This power grab of the nation's food supply may end up benefiting a certain Hungarian billionaire.

Why would the Senate take up precious time in the lame duck session considering a food safety bill?

Just as ObamaCare wasn't really about health care reform but about government power, S510 is not really about food safety but about government control of agriculture and the nation's food producers.  The Food Safety Modernization Act would give the Food and Drug Administration unprecedented power to govern how farmers produce their crops.  The FDA would be able to control soil, water, hygiene, and even temperature, on farms.  Through the law, the agency could regulate the animal activity in the fields.
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