Thursday, December 2, 2010

Minnesota Secretary of State Participated in A Secret Communist Party USA Meeting

Remember your disbelief when Al Franken was declared the winner in Minnesota's Senate race? After the initial ballot count Republican Norm Coleman was ahead by hundreds of votes, but after Minnesota's Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie, oversaw the election recount, Franken was declared the winner despite claims of vote fraud. The shocking NewZeal report below raises severe doubts about Mark Ritchie's honesty and loyalties.
December 1, 2010

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is regarded as a "non-party friend" by the Communist Party USA.

So highly does the Communist Party regard Mr. Ritchie, that he has been allowed to attend an high level "not to be publicized" Party meeting in Minneapolis.

Some of the Communist Party members at this meeting, later supported Ritchie in his Secretary of State election campaigns. One of them, labor leader Mark Froemke, went on to support two of Ritchie's Democratic - Farmer - Labor - Party colleagues - Al Franken and Mark Dayton in their respective election campaigns.

As Minnesota Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie's job includes overseeing the State's electoral recounts. In 2009, following a very controversial recount, Ritchie awarded a U.S. Senate seat to Al Franken. Currently Ritchie is overseeing another recount which could give Mark Dayton the Minnesota Governorship.


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