Friday, December 3, 2010

Christian Persecution in the Muslim World

All of the following articles illustrate the recent persecution of Christians by Muslim extremists.   This is the 'religion of peace'?

Memo to the progressive left:  Are you paying attention yet?
Five Christians murdered in a week under Pakistan's blasphemy law

Ethiopia:  Christian sentenced to three years in prison on unsubstantiated accusation of defacing Qur'an

Egypt arrests, charges 22 "overwhelmed and terrified" Christian teens in church attack incident

Afghanistan:  Two converts from Islam to Christianity risk the death penalty

Algeria to try four converts from Islam to Christianity for "illegally opening a place of worship"
By the way, remember how Christians are described as extremist for criticizing homosexuality based on biblical teachings?  Well, if you want to know what real extremism looks like, read this:

Obama-supported, pro-Sharia Kenyan PM orders gays to be arrested

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