Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Organize4Palin: Project Letters to the Editor

Sarah Palin is changing the rules of politics. Let's Go Rogue for Sarah Palin! Let's get behind her & send Washington DC a message: Change with us or get the heck out of our way! Please take a moment and write a "Letter to the Editor" to your local Newspaper telling them America is ready for real Change...Positive Change...America is ready for President Sarah Palin. Please write today It's easy, quick, effective & free!

From Organize4Palin:

Project "Letters to the Editor" is an effort by Organize4Palin volunteers to utilize that fact through writing letters, op-eds, and articles for their local newspaper. The publicity is free and may be your neighbors' only opportunity to hear Gov. Palin's stance on the issues, as many Americans continue to get their news and opinions from the mainstream media. Many newspapers have an online digital version that can be posted to as well, allowing your writings to reach an even greater audience.

Organize4Palin has made it really easy for you to take part in the restoration of America.

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The crossroads we face in America have been clearly defined. There are two paths.

One path leads to more of the aloof, detached, and alien Obama Problem.

The other path leads to the restoration of the American Republic, the restoration of American Exceptionalism, and the restoration of American Greatness.

Americans are tired of a media and a President who would rather run down our country than build her up.

Forty three of Sarah Palin's candidates were sworn in today. This is a great Victory. Another Victory of 2010 is the lessons we learned.

The 2010 elections taught us many things. One of the best lessons we learned is that as citizens we must actively engage in the narrative about our candidates. We cannot allow the media to frame the narrative for our candidates any longer. Those candidates lost. We must fight back the lies immediately and consistently.

As the GOP establishment and the left combine forces to keep good candidates like Sarah Palin out of office, it is up to us to stand up and speak out.

Please take the time to put your boots on the ground and participate in the Fundamental Restoration of America.

Get involved. Get motivated. Get activated.

Starting now with this New Year, together let us remind our fellow Americans who we are. Let’s reflect on family, faith, and flag.

This is our movement, this is our moment, this is our morning in America

- Sarah Palin

Let's follow the example set by Sarah Palin. Together lets all become humble servants of the people.

We know it is important to elect a president who believes in American Exceptionalism, free markets, strong families, and a smaller smarter government. A president who is proud of America, not ashamed.

The last two years have helped us to realize the importance of participation in Our Country, Our Government, and Our America.

Let's start now, let's start today, let's put America back on the right track.

Get involved.

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Thomas S Schmitz

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