Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin's Defense Counsel Requests Clemency

By Bob Unruh
January 7, 2011

The appointed military defense counsel for Terry Lakin, the Army doctor who challenged Barack Obama's eligibility to be president by refusing to deploy again to Afghanistan, has confirmed that a request for clemency for the decorated officer will be submitted to the "convening authority," Maj. Gen. Karl Horst.

In an e-mail to WND, Maj. Matthew Kemkes said he would request clemency from Horst.
"I have already received e-mails and phone calls from many members of the public who support clemency for LTC Lakin," he confirmed. 

Lakin was convicted at court martial of failing to deploy as ordered by Obama and failing to meet with his commanding officer – because he was convinced the orders from Obama may, in fact, be illegal.

The outcome of the military court enraged some experts who also have fought for information detailing Obama's eligibility. 

Lakin was prevented by the military judge from seeking evidence that could support him, was told he could not talk about his dilemma, was told he could not bring in the witnesses he wanted and was told he could not introduce evidence that he wanted.
The military panel then convicted him. 

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  1. I'm with the honorable military doctor.  His views are views that should be considered of the highest in respect.  Our military men know the laws and limitations of what can be achieved in war against evil far beyond our protected civilian picture of war and its realities.