Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ineligible President Cited As Reason To Kill Obamacare

Ineligible president cited as reason to kill Obamacare
By Bob Unruh
January 11, 2011

Lawsuit says it's not law because 'the one' is only 'statutory citizen'

A lot of court cases have been filed alleging that Barack Obama never qualified to become president, and therefore is occupying the Oval Office as a matter of fact, but not of law. Now there's a new case that argues since Obama is not legally president, his Obamacare takeover of the nation's health-care industry should be voided.

"It is indisputable and not denied that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama Jr.'s father was a citizen of the British Commonwealth," says the lawsuit, now pending before a federal judge who is awaiting word from the Justice Department on how its lawyers want to defend against the claims.

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