Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Are Liberal Journalists and Bloggers Trying To Have Sarah Palin Assassinated? In A Word, Yes.

Are Liberal Journalists and Bloggers Trying To Have Sarah Palin Assassinated?  In A Word, Yes.
By Martin Knight
January 12, 2011

From the moment John McCain unveiled her as his choice of running mate in 2008, Sarah Palin has become a hate-figure to vast swathes - and all evidence points to - a significant majority, of the Left. Her very existence inarguably sends liberals, from the tonier and sophisticated precincts where New York Times journalists congregate to the scatological feverswamps of the DailyKos, into paroxysms of near-homicidal rage. They don’t just hate her, they hate her husband (who has been accused of impregnating his own daughter), her children, her parents and any and all of her associates and supporters.

Frankly, it is beyond question that the vast overwhelming majority of liberals wish the woman had never been born, and, to be even more candid, it is also inarguable that should there be an incident, whether accidental or deliberate, where the lady were to lose her life, there would be celebrating and glasses raised in toasts to whatever (or whoever) brought it about from the comments sections of the Huffington Post to the newsrooms of MSNBC.
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