Friday, January 14, 2011

The Wubama

The Wubama walked up the Hoobily path,
Singing and chanting and such,
He couldn’t do good budgety math,
And tried not to think hard, too much.

Wubama looked to the right and the left,
Reading the Glassy Word Boards.
For without his prompts, his speech was bereft,
Confusing the Murrican Hordes.

The Wubama fought for things nobody liked,
Making the Murricans frown,
But Wubama channeled a Marxity psyche,
So he went and he just doubled-down.

Wubama didn't care what people thought,
He felt all the people absurd.
He will never change, nor budge one small jot,
So only one term is assured!

By Lazamataz

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