Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shariah Law Takes Aim At Destroying The Constitution In Order To Destroy America

This article is fairly long, but very thoughtful.  It is also a warning.  I hope readers will read it through to the end.  FYI, an infidel is anyone who is not a believer in Islam.   

By Clare M. Lopez
Center for Security Policy
January 1, 2011
Moreover, deliberately misleading infidels holds a special status in Islam and goes by two forms: taqiyyah (deceit or dissimulation) and kitman (lying by omission). Because the defeat and conquest of infidels by jihad is an explicit obligation defined in Islamic law, deceit, dissimulation, and outright lying to infidels in the execution of jihad is also obligatory. 
On 22 November 2010, Ebrahim Moosa, a South African-born associate professor of Islamic Studies in the Duke University Department of Religion, recorded one of a series of video interviews for the "Office Hours at Duke University" program. Posted to You Tube, the video consists of a set of questions and answers; the questions, some from an interactive online audience, were posed by James Todd, a former software salesman with a B.A. in physics from Duke who currently serves as Senior Writer and Multimedia Producer with the Duke News Staff. The answers came primarily from Professor Moosa with call-in participation by Professor Hina Azam, a Duke University graduate school graduate who is now an Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Texas, Austin.  

About two-thirds of the way into the video, interviewer James Todd relayed to Moosa a question that came into the program via email about the Center for Security Policy's study, Shariah: The Threat to America, released in September 2010 and published in paperback book form a month later. The question-and the Center's report-obviously struck a nerve with Prof. Moosa, as he launched into a rambling fifteen-minute response that is striking in the main for its studied attempt to avoid tackling any of the report's specific assertions about Islamic law or the threat it poses to American national security. Instead, Prof. Moosa alternated between vaguely-worded accusations about "miscommunication," "willful distortion", and a "flawed foundation", and thuggish threats about getting "your nose bloodied," "badly injured," or landing "up in a lot of trouble."

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