Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hawaii Election Commissioner Accused Of Circumventing the Electoral Process To Help Obama Get His Name On The Ballot

By Pen Johannson
The Daily Pen
January 7, 2011

Honolulu, Hawaii - At the center of the war over Barack Obama’s illegitimacy to be president are a series of deep seated, unanswered questions about the detailed involvement of several municipal employees and officials within the government of the State of Hawaii. From former governor, Linda Lingle’s lack of transparency to former Health Department director, Chiyome Fukino’s intentional ambiguity about Obama’s vital records. From the blatant dismissive ignorance of Hawaii’s legislature to the claims by a former Honolulu senior elections office clerk that Hawaii does not possess an official, standard, original, 1961 Certificate of Live Birth for Barack Obama, the State of Hawaii has emerged as the primary co-conspirator in keeping Obama’s identity a well kept secret from the American people.

Now, however, a new investigation of Hawaii’s Election Commission and the laws employed by the state’s Office of Elections to approve candidates for inclusion on presidential ballots raises shocking revelations about the power of a few individuals to open legal channels and set an elusive course enabling Obama an opportunity usurp presidential power and assault the Constitutional sovereignty of the American people.

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