Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Commies On The March: Marxism and U.S. politics - a school for young activists

First things first, this post is NOT an endorsement -- it is a warning!

Apparently, the Young Communist League has plans to drive their red bus into California, Texas, Florida, and the northeast between February and April 2011.  Their mission?  To school young people in how to become Marxist activists.  

If you spot these red shirts in your area, please take pictures and report back here with your story, but be mindful of your safety.  Use my Contact box to write me with details.

By Young Communist League USA
Communist Party USA
January 18, 2011

Join the YCL's Red School Bus Tour, coming to a town near you.

This Spring the YCL Red School-Bus Tour will be covering the whole country from West Coast to the East. 

These weekend-long schools will be held in California, Texas, Florida, and in the northeast between February and April 2011.

The kick off is Feb. 18-21 in Los Angeles:

Marxism and US politics; the challenge of change
A school for young activists
Join us for an exciting weekend of lively classes and discussions:
Marxism and the Political Moment: Building the movement for change; The Crisis of Capitalism Today: Causes of Crisis and the Class Struggle; Working Class and the Labor Movement; Racism, Immigrant Rights, women's rights, LGTB rights and the struggle for equality; The CPUSA and YCL, envisioning Bill of Rights Socialism and how to get there.

Also plenty of cultural, social and recreational activities. 

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