Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sarah Palin Receiving Unprecedented Number Of Death Threats

Palin aid:  She's getting death threats at unprecedented levels
By Allahpundit
January 12, 2011

I almost wish that this wasn’t being reported as it’ll only inflame things further among fringe types, but after four days of screeching about Palin the murderer, who can blame her staff for wanting to show the world the ironic outcome? I trust and hope that she’ll be fine: She’s got the financial means to hire the best security that money can buy, and remember, as noted earlier, the truly dangerous nuts typically don’t make threats. The vast majority of these people, I’m sure, are liberals popping off at her in a rash moment and then cooling down later.
An aide close to Sarah Palin says death threats and security threats have increased to an unprecedented level since the shooting in Arizona, and the former Alaska governor’s team has been talking to security professionals.
Since the shooting in Tucson, Palin has taken much heat for her “crosshairs” map that targeted 20 congressional Democrats in the 2010 mid-term election, including that of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was the main target of Saturday’s attack.
Friends say Palin, a possible 2012 contender, was galled as suggestions of her role in the tragedy have swirled.

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