Thursday, January 6, 2011

Islamic Blasphemy Laws Give Jihadists A License To Kill

By Saeed Shah
McClatchy Newspapers
January 5, 2011
The issue was spark[ed] by Taseer's championing of a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, who was sentenced to death for blasphemy late last year. He said she was wrongly convicted.

"Salman Taseer was himself responsible for his killing," said Munawar Hasan, the head of Jamaat e Islami, one of the two big religious political parties, in a statement. "Any Muslim worth the name could not tolerate blasphemy of the Prophet, as had been proved by this incident."
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The increasing radicalization of Pakistani society was laid bare Wednesday when the nation's mainstream religious organizations applauded the murder of provincial governor 

Salman Taseer earlier this week, while his killer was showered with rose petals as he appeared in court.
Taseer, 66, the governor of Punjab, the country's most heavily populated province, was assassinated Tuesday by one of his police bodyguards after Taseer had campaigned to ease Pakistan's blasphemy law. Religious groups threatened to kill others who questioned the blasphemy statute, which is designed to protect Islam and the Prophet Muhammad from "insult."
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