Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Montana Rep. Bob Wagner Proposing Presidential Eligibility Legislation

Resolving Obama's eligibility now has dollars-and-sense plan
By Bob Unruh
January 11, 2011

Montana state Rep. Bob Wagner is proposing legislation that would require candidates for president to document their constitutional eligibility in his state, but his plan would take the controversy one step beyond other state proposals.

His outline would set in state law protections for the taxpayers of Montana to prevent them from being billed for "unnecessary expense and litigation" involving the failure of "federal election officials" to do their duty.


  1. This is ignorant, unconstitutional, possibly racist, and doesn't even deserve a hearing. Unfortunately increasingly typical of the Republican party - it only serves to confirm the world's suspicion of the USA's intellectual demise.

  2. Mr. Raney;

    Why is it that everything you people oppose has to be on grounds of "ignorant and racist?" That doesn't do your credibility any favors.