Friday, January 14, 2011

Sarah Palin & The Obama's Murder Rally

Stark Contrasts.

Remember, Barack Obama needed a death, a murder, to rally his base.

Sarah Palin does not.

Tickets are already sold out for Sarah Palin's keynote speech to 2nd Amendment Rights advocates at Safari International Club in Reno, Nevada Saturday, January 29th.

Safari Club International is the Leader in Protecting the Freedom to Hunt and Promoting Wildlife Conservation Worldwide.

This will be Sarah Palin's first live appearance of 2011. On Wednesday, looking very presidential, Sarah Palin addressed the nation in a heartfelt video speaking on the Arizona tragedy.
It has been announced that this speech will touch on Sarah Palin's personal hunting experiences and the effect of politics on fishing and hunting.

Those in the media who do not like our 2nd Amendment rights will certainly get all wee-wee'd up about this.

Make no mistake about it. The 2012 presidential campaign is completely under way. Barack Obama chose to begin his campain at the Arizona Memorial.

This week in Arizona the authentically dishonest Barack Obama completely ignored the fact that people had died and held a Murder Rally to unveil his 2012 campaign slogan: Together we Thrive. Obama spoke to a hand picked college crowd of constituents complete with hoots & hollers, applause and apparently refreshments. Typically he spoke down to the American people, lecturing us from high atop his podium while his opportunistic advisors branded this tragedy, even PASSING OUT SOUVENIR T-SHIRTS in an unsuccessful attempt to repair the damage he has done to his failed presidency.

This was supposed to be a Memorial for dead people.

I'm not sure how many people were bribed rallied to attend the Obama Murder Rally, but more than 20,000 are expected to attend Sarah Palin's speech. The tickets are already sold out.

As 2012 unfolds Americans will see the stark contrast between two charismatic leaders. America's crossroads will be clearly defined.

Whose America do you want to belong to?

Do you belive that censorship can be hidden under a false call for civility? In your America can leaders call anyone who dissents uncivil and then bring up Arizona as a way to silence them?

If you have to think twice before you defend yourself, your Voice, your Values, your Vote, your America…then that is the America of Barack Obama. In that split second, he won, he got you to question your right to STAND UP, for your Voice, your Values, your Vote, your America.

By contrast, with her Reaganesque charm and bold American spirit, Sarah Palin has single handedly held the torch of Liberty and become a symbol for American individualism.

Americans prefer a president who believes that it is the criminal who is guilty of the crime. Not society.

Americans do not believe in Obama’s collective salvation.

We must not be afraid of being called uncivil everytime we disagree with what Obama wants to do to our country. We can and we must not be afraid to speak up as a patriotic, loyal, and faithful citizenry. We must continue to stand up, speak out, and defend ourselves, our country, and our America.

If we don’t one day in the not so near future our children and their children will no longer answer to themselves.

Rather they will answer to Washington, and to answer to Washington in recent times is to answer to the Beast.

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  1.'s question is ill phrased. How can you "impeach" someone who is NOT eligible to hold the office? Arrest him for fraud, extortion and treason, yesd; impeach, NO.