Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Michelle Antoinette Obama's Socialist Salad Bar VS. Sarah Palin's Freedom & Personal Responsibility

The stark contrast between the world views of The Obama's and The Palin's grows wider and wider each day. America's crossroads are being clearly defined by two charismatic leaders.

We are confronted by two opposing world views battling to the dying end for the essence and conscience of our American republic. This battle is certainly not a new one, but as history shows us countries have fallen and transformed for the worse when an exaggerated crisis is coupled with enormous debt, high unemployment, inflation and financial uncertainty.

In Sarah Palin's America, the family serves as a natural and nurturing buffer between our children and the State, and the World.

Barack Obama's America is exactly the opposite. In Obama's America it is the State that must be encouraged, uphelp, even worshipped.

This looming conflict is unique. For the first time in modern history these two opposing world views are fantastically embodied by two unparalleled superstars on the world stage. Sarah Palin and Barack Obama actually bring to life the two embattled viewpoints Americans must choose between.

Branding has taken on a whole new meaning in our political discourse and Americans are faced with a choice. Whose America do you want to belong to?

Recently Barack Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act; costing $4.5 billion dollars over the next 10 years.

This ridiculous law increases spending (money we don't have) on school nutrition programs with government subsidized taxpayer funded meals covering breakfast, lunch and dinner (as well as meals during the Summer).

The Obama's feel it is the job of the government to feed children in school 3 meals a day. In the words of Michelle Antoinette Obama, "We can't just leave it up to the parents".

The queenly first lady wants to set up Salad Bars in school cafeteria's. Part of the law will put 6,000 kid-sized salad bars in schools. Each salad bar costs $2,500, and the whole program costs $15 million, "When [vegetables] are set up all pretty and nice like this you might want to try some and maybe try some things you've never had before, right?" (Nope, sorry Queen Michelle...Taco Day and Pizza Day will win every single time)

Just like the Obamacare scheme, The Obama's mask social engineering in the guise of legislation.

Remember, as Michelle Antoinette Obama says, "Desert is not a right".

Of course desert is not a right.

Desert is a personal responsibility and Americans know this. But it's not surprising that Michelle Antoinette Obama bitterly clings to Socialism and Marxist class warfare and antipathy to Americans who happen to see America the way most Americans see America.

This is more Nanny State Nonsense and The Obama's saying they know what is best for you and your families.

Who should choose your childs menu? You or Michelle Obama?

Americans know that the undeniable worth of a happy family is the cornerstone of a prosperous America; a strong America, a free America.

The Obama Problem forces us to remind ourselves to be devout and appreciative of the closeness and foundation of the family.

America's infrastructure, America's bedrock comes directly from the Judeo-Christian nitty gritty that our founding Mothers and Fathers understood when they set up this Kingdom on Earth that is the American idea.

The American experiment of Liberty through self governance is based on the glory and the greatness of the family. The core unit that determines the strength of any society is the family.

This is why the government should; the government must encourage, uphold, cherish and protect the integrity, the sanctity of the family.

Yet The Obama's, through legislation and regulation, consistently and comprehensively seek to replace the family with the State.

In Sarah Palin's America, the family rather than the State, trains their offspring; these young citizens who are the future leaders of this great nation.

The Obama's arrogant power grabs are not only against the founders intent, they are against the American way.

Now that America's crossroads have been clearly defined. We must ask ourselves. Whose side are you on? Is The Family outdated?

Several weeks ago Zillow found that most Americans would rather have The Palin's as neighbors than have The Obama's as neighbors.

Are you really surprised? Imagine the stark contrast between the approach to the Welcome Wagon each household would take.

Sarah Palin would bake a pie, or cookies, or invite your kids over for Pizza & Movie Night.

Michelle Antoinette Obama would invite your kids over for a tasty plate from her unsustainable $15 million dollar Socialist Salad Bar that children will not eat.

Whose America do you want to belong to?

The Palin's represent freedom, and personal responsibility.

The Obama's represent lettuce, carrots, and Communism.

Thomas S Schmitz

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