Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Unafforable Care Act and Economic Reality (What a Concept)

Add up what you spend on insurance companies each month. 
You will find that it either matches or exceeds what you pay in rent or mortgage payments each month. Those insurance premiums cover your vehicle, your home (or renter's insurance), life insurance, and health insurance. Another reason for the Affordable Care Act's failure. It does not address the issues and reasons why health care is so costly. In the case of health care insurance, despite its high-cost premiums – they only pay out 80%, which means that you are not just paying too much per month for premiums, but when having a stay at a hospital (where it costs $500 just to walk in), you are also paying 20% of the bill.
Then there are the medical institutions. They charge $2 for a Tylenol tablet that costs them five cents. Or how about a pacemaker about the size of a small cell phone put in your chest that requires no more technology than the most advanced cell phone that costs a little under $25,000. The average high-tech cell phone complete with all the gadgets costs about $300.
The health care issue is more than addressing one problem because the solution is made up of addressing several factors. Obamacare totally falls short of that solution, and, as we are seeing creates more problems than it fixes.
The creator of the Obamacare health plan was right about too many Americans being stupid. They see how the federal government could not and cannot budget and maintain the Social Security system (politicians blaming the problem on 'baby boomers'), Medicare, or even the postal system – but go ahead and vote for someone who initiates and backs a program that takes over 1/5 of the GDP in the United States!
Historically, once a program, especially one as big as Obamacare, Congress will not nullify it no matter how bad the idea was or how badly it is not working. If they would have been honest about its conception and did more research instead of insisting upon rushing it through legislation, of which many congressional members did not read (or understand) the bill before passing it. Whatever came out and passed, BH Obama, without being realistic or reading it, signed it – because it represented his legacy and campaign promise. The only one he kept.
The bill should have been named the “Unaffordable Care Act” - it failed its purpose. Some think the progressive Democratic socialists did it on purpose so they could just move on to national health care entirely in the hands of government – like other nations who are experiencing an economic crisis because of it.
If medical personnel thought and acted upon like politicians do, they would be charged and tried for malpractice.
Medical doctors spend an average of six years in educational institutions to practice medicine. An RN must undergo at least four years of education. Politicians have no criteria other than their talent of talking voters into voting for them, the knack of skirting constitutional law, and making deals with special interest groups for their support. Check and see how many 'serving' in Congress, in both the Senate and House of Representatives that have taken any courses in Political Science, far less with degrees in that avenue of education. Senator Dianne Feinstein (and others) still does not understand what the Second Amendment is all about. But voters are letting them operate their government on their behalf. How many in Congress, and for that matter, in the White House could pass a background check required for a top-level security clearance? They are not required to have such a check before being qualified as a candidate. Qualifications are secondary to political party and personal agenda – which in turn is primary over the welfare of the United States and its people. The national debt is beyond imagination, but those the majority votes for are authorizing funds (and material) to other nations without payment or any program to pay the United States back. Meanwhile, when budget cuts actually take place, groups like veterans suffer because they are not as important as special interest groups and foreign nations.
Alexis de Tocqueville was correct when he stated we get the form of government we deserve. Unfortunately, the minority that does not vote for reasons of popularity or membership in a specific political club or having the first whatever as president, but try to choose from its limit of choices people that are constitutionalists and their qualifications when voting. People are also tired of having to choose the best of the worst choice of candidates. Part of that problem lies in the fact that too many Americans do not see how important the primary elections are, only focusing on the final candidate elections. Big mistake.
All of these issues and problems have developed because of the degradation of our society, where government and those running it determine how children are raised instead of just focusing upon the educational principle of ensuring that our youth is prepared to deal with life decisions and perform their chosen careers in a manner that matches and hopefully exceeds other nations. And, that is another area that the United States has gradually slipped into the category of low educational standards. The big interest in importing skilled and specially skilled workers is because the educational system has failed despite the fact that the United States spends more on its educational institutions than any other nation. Why? Is anyone working on that problem?
The progressive democratic socialists sure are not. They are more concerned with using the Marxist principle that government control the educational system and thus produces generations of indoctrinated citizens that will be useful and loyal to the state. Once the educational institutions and the media is in control, then the push towards a socialist society and government is near complete – ready to move on to the next step in the progress of a powerful government.
The present tax code that has been detrimental for decades still exists – thanks to progressives and RINOs.
Government makes changes with its regulations and its tax subsidies, and in the process creates more problems and hinders economic stability. Those that operate our government have developed the practice that if expenses do not meet the configured budget (when they actually budget), the only thing to do is either raise taxes or create new ones – or both.
How many times have you heard the political pundits claim that the economy, specifically cost at the pump is because of the evil oil corporations?
Let's use ethanol as an example. Because of regulations, passed with the promise it would decrease the cost of fuel and make it better, ethanol was forced upon the oil companies as an additive. In so doing, the cost of gasoline did not decrease and ethanol destroys engines. In the meantime, corn, used for feed and food, has risen in cost because farmers prefer to get the higher price that ethanol manufacturers are paying than food sources. So not only does fuel prices rise, but food prices as well because corn and its byproducts are used extensively in the food market; and no difference in fuel mileage - just ruined carburetor systems like photo below.
Ethanol damaged
In the case of Obamacare, it is a pyramid of what government mandated ethanol has done to the economy. Worse, the government is now forcing it upon the people and if they do not agree or comply, they get charged a penalty tax. It is clearly unconstitutional, but our corrupt US Supreme Court has not ruled as such. That penalty is $2,000 per year per full-time employee; which is the amount on average that President Obama said Americans would save annually. Instead, it will cost that much and more, as much as $4,000 MORE per year for the average American. In an economic environment that the politicians created, with the help of trade unions, mainstream media, and other factors – the outcome looks bleak indeed.
Obamacare is causing a myriad of problems and those problems will get costlier as time goes on. Like income tax, a lot of revenue will be used up in dealing with the paperwork. Like income tax, it does not help the people it hinders and hurts them. The income tax is hard to get rid of because too many have the ability to cheat. If income tax was deleted and replaced with a consumption tax, the benefits would be for both government and the people – as long as it is a fixed rate that can only be changed by a two-thirds majority vote in Congress.
All of these issues tie into together and are the result of voters allowing progressives to take over and continue its march towards destroying the US Constitution, replacing it with something that the Founders tried to avoid.

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