Monday, December 8, 2014

Another Islamic Jihad Recruit: A 15-year-old Canadian

When reading the article in the CBC News Montreal, it reinforces the insanity of Jihad.
A 15-year-old teen robbed a convenience store and after being arrested, stated he needed money for a plane trip to go overseas and join the Jihad. The article at Jihad Watch stated:
The boy told the officers that he had been living in sin as his country did not practise Sharia law.
According to International Business Times, he is the first teenager in Canada to be charged with terrorism-related activity.
Wikipedia entry:
The Qur'an and several hadith set out two different punishments for theft (stealing). They say that the punishment should depend on how many times the person stole, and what he stole. One punishment is imprisonment. Another is amputating (cutting off) the hands or feet. However, before a person is punished, two eyewitnesses must swear, under oath, that they saw the person stealing. If this does not happen, then the punishment cannot be carried out. Also, some other requirements have to be met. These requirements have to do with the theft, what was stolen, and how the theft happened. All of these requirements must be met, as decided by a judge.[Qur'an 5:38][1] 
The boy needs some serious professional help starting with the fact that under Sharia Law he would be missing a hand or two for stealing. 
It is appalling how US and Canadian (and UK) youth are being recruited into the ranks of Islamic Jihadists. I can understand convicts in prison being recruited because criminal actions in the name of God (Allah) is condoned.
Why would anyone even consider such a thing?
We need to find out why our youth are allowing themselves to be brainwashed into joining a murderous and intolerant religious sect.


  1. Obviously the politicians in the federal government do not understand what their oath of office means, or worse, do not care.
    The way the schools teach now, I believe the former. Sadly, these people are old enough to have been taught what I was taught which means the worse, they don't care. It's all about the money.
    I can't stand most of the people being pushed as GOP possibles. I still hate John McCain being forced on us; and then he up and quits before the election! He GAVE that election to Obama.
    Anyone I'd like to run, probably has too much sense!
    I'd welcome Ted Cruz. Allen West. I'd love Sarah Palin to run, but I don't think she could win. I don't know.
    Even though the GOP won a majority, already they are weakening. Makes me sick.
    I work at being a good Christian then feel bad because I am right there with you on the guns and ammo.
    Blessed Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours, Keith.

  2. Because they aren't taught anything in school now. While I admit I didn't have the teaching of other religions in my schools growing up in the North, my hubby from the South did.

    I also think it is because too any kids have no idea of reality other than what comes from a game. I don't know. Maybe it's the kids who enjoy being the local bully who think joining the fanatics is the cool thing to do. I don't know. Just rambling.

    I do agree that they need a reality check. How to give it to them is the big question.

    God bless.

  3. I believe it to be beneficial to learn about different world religions, like Political Science classes teach about the various forms of government for overall knowledge.
    You are correct about video games. The answer is that parents must keep in touch with their children and ensure, like TV programs and films, that it is a form of entertainment and has nothing to do with reality.
    In this case of the 15-year-old - where were the parents?
    Thanks for your input, LInda.

  4. I agree with your selections. Sarah Palin was thrown under the bus by the GOP who coaxed her into running with McCain. I thought at the time how different their political philosophy was. McCain is only out for McCain. Indeed, several investigations revealed that he allegedly screwed over fellow POWs which provided him better treatment by the NV; although I do sympathize that he was a POW for five years. In that vein of thought, one wonders if he did not loose his mind in certain ways.
    Do not feel bad about being a Christian and still believe in self defense. Jesus was unique and lived by his own code, but that code, like many things, can be applied with common sense. The gist of his message is that the spiritual world is more important than the material world; which means that what we do in life is percussive of the spiritual world. I understand true pacifists, but I also understand that bullies and evil people will not be deterred or stopped just by ignoring the situation or refusing self-defense.
    As far as the GOP, they are not learning their lesson from the 1990s. Hopefully that will change when the newly elected congressional members take over in January. The GOP must start living up their name as Republicans.
    And, I wish you the most merry (and blessed) Christmas, a holiday and season for a reason, and the best New Year possible.