Friday, December 12, 2014

With Or Without Obama: Federal Government Requires Overhaul

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is not seeking reelection and took the opportunity to speak directly to President Obama at the White House Christmas party. After pictures were taken and her family walked off stage, she turned to the president and said:
Mr. President, you need to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities, because if you don't, Iran will have a nuclear weapon on your watch and the course of world history will change.
Smiling, he laughed and said:
Well Michele, it's just not that easy.
Michele replied:
No, Mr. President, you're the president, it will happen on your watch, and you'll have to answer to the world for this.
Representative Michele Bachmann did not run for her fifth term in Congress. In 2010, she began the House Tea Party Caucus, but declared that she was “not the head of the Tea Party.” The media dubbed her “Queen of the Tea Party”. Mainstream media targeted her as much as Sarah Palin. While former governor Palin is still in the fray supporting the Tea Party movement, Bachmann was not clear about her reason for not seeking reelection. Will she join Palin and her PAC to continue the fight against big government and socialism? Time will tell.
Americans are experiencing the repercussions of allowing the federal government and some state governments to go beyond limitations prescribed by architects of the Constitution of the United States. Citizens complain and agonize over how corrupted the federal government has become, failing to realize that they are centrally to blame. The condition of the government is merely a reflection of society. Politicians no longer pride themselves or look upon themselves as statesmen or stateswomen, putting their efforts and loyalty into the political faction they have sided with and become members of in a governmental system that has traditionally been dominated by a two-party system.
One does not have to be affiliated with a religion or be dedicated to a specific religion to have moral standards. It is in what we choose as individuals to be our personal code of conduct – be it liberal or conservative, or libertarians who stand in the middle.
The two party system has been reduced to two factions, one proclaiming liberalism and the other conservatism; both failing to meet their promises and claims to follow up with actions within those political avenues. Liberals, calling themselves Democrats or Democratic are not really liberal anymore, corrupted by their acceptance of Marxism; all the while denying it until recent political power has brought their objectives and agenda into public view. Conservatives have lost their sight upon political purpose, proud that they exercise what they call compromise; but deny that constitutional law cannot be compromised without paying the price.
For the Democrats, whose organization is now called the Democratic Party, it has been a road of incremental steps from their demand that state governments determine if slavery is acceptable to using civil rights as their means of harnessing voters into their fold; exchanging material chains into invisible chains of a people who, generation after generation, depend upon government instead of themselves as individuals to improve their lot in life.
Republicans retain the words and phrases that make up their political planks that is their political party platform, but fail to exercise it for a myriad of excuses. Hailing themselves as conservatives, they fail because the leadership elite want to keep politics as usual. Some call themselves 'moderate', but they are only tools for those who have progressed from liberalism to socialism in just a few decades.
With this political background, voters who take the duty seriously are faced with choosing the 'lesser evil' candidates; failing to realize that their non-participation in primary elections help them weed out undesirable candidates, those that will not abide by their oaths of office, use their office for personal gain and/or political power; all the while losing sight of why they hold public office – to serve the people and the nation.
Those operating our government come from among us, seeking public office for various reasons, all professing to be the instrument of the people. But first, they must be the instrument, the enforcer, of constitutional law – for that is what retains rights and liberties, not compromising actions or loyalty to a political club.
Political parties have become a necessary evil because it takes an organized, concentrated effort to gather funds necessary to last through a campaign. It is quite unfortunate because the people have lost good candidates because of lack of funding, due to no small part of the actions of the media that has become bias and manipulative, the mouthpiece of socialist government instead of the eyes and ears of the People who require knowledge in order to exercise their voting rights responsibly.
Citizens demand reformation and the exorcise of corruption from the framework of their government, but fail to realize or ignore that the corrupted political system is a mirror of its society that it governs. Freedom through the ages has been lost by citizens not guarding it and/or demanding it of their ruling class.
Read article at Breitbart about the Feinstein witch hunt against the CIA and other Democrats who want to move on when it comes to Democrat scandals (ignores the ones recently under 'investigation') - but certainly does not practice what they preach

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